What Climate Emergency?

In May 2019, then Chief Minister Howard Quayle and his fellow members of Tynwald announced that there is a climate emergency. Despite this, an FoI request by Gef has shown that the DoI has bought 186 diesel vehicles since then. Our request was not specific enough for a full breakdown of what types of vehicles were bought, but it did also confirm that the dept hasn’t bought any petrol ones.

Who Wants to be a Commissioner?

After the failure of the local authority election in July to deliver a full board for Ramsey Town Commissioners, the local authority will try again next month. Nominees for the new election for the town’s North Ward will open next Tuesday (October 13). Nomination papers can be obtained from the Town Hall and will be available on the Commissioners website www.ramsey.gov.imNominations close at 5pm on Monday November 1.

Traders of the Lost Arts

Manx National Heritage is launching a new exhibition in the House of Manannan, which celebrates and showcases the traditional crafts and skills of the talented tradespeople who were once such an essential part of everyday rural life on the Isle of Man. 

‘Traders of the Lost Arts’ details the objects created, the tools used to craft them, the images of the tradespeople who crafted them and the people that used them. It will also include records of life at the time and the stories of this era of Manx life.

MNH Assistant Curator, Nicola Tooms, has curated the exhibition and said of it: The objects associated with the Island’s craft workers were often beautiful in form, even though they were primarily concerned with practical use or function rather than aesthetics. Skills were passed from one generation to the next, often within the same family, resulting in several generations of craft workers who kept traditional patterns and forms in the objects they created. Their tools, which were greatly valued, were usually made by the local blacksmith and wood turner or carpenter, and were also handed down from one generation to the next.’

The objects on display have been collected since 1922, when the Manx Museum opened with the aim of conserving items that relate to the Isle of Man and Manx life. Traders of the Lost Arts is on display at the House of Manannan from Saturday 23 October 2021 to September 2022

James Creer at his Loom 1878

Posh Lunch

The 2021 Director of the Year Awards will be held on Tuesday, November 2, the Institute of Directors Isle of Man has confirmed.

Law firm Appleby is to be headline sponsor of the lunchtime event at Woodbourne House, Douglas at which Lieutenant Gov Sir John Lorimer, will be the guest speaker. 

Isle of Man Institute of Directors chair Jennifer Houghton said: ‘This year’s Director of the Year awards are cause for particular celebration. After more than 18 relentlessly challenging months when the pandemic prevented face-to-face networking and experience-sharing opportunities, this event marks a welcome return to the Institute bringing together inspirational representatives from across the Island’s business community to recognise leadership talent and achievement. 

Vape Oil

A British football coach has been jailed for 25 years in Dubai after four bottles of vape liquid containing cannabis oil were found in his car. Billy Hood from Notting Hill, west London, was arrested on 31 January, shortly after moving to the country. The 24-year-old claims he was forced to sign a confession written in Arabic despite not speaking the language.

Boris Tells Porkies?

Ireland’s deputy PM has warned governments doing trade deals with the UK that it is a nation that ‘doesn’t necessarily keep its word’. Leo Varadkar made the comment after Dominic Cummings suggested the UK had always intended to tear up the Brexit deal it signed with the EU in 2019. Boris Johnson’s ex-adviser said the plan had been to ‘ditch the bits we didn’t like’ after winning power.

Prepare for Christmas Early

The boss of a global shipping agent has told shoppers to plan ahead for Christmas because of UK ports delays.  Peter Wilson, from Cory Brothers, said people should order items in a ‘timely fashion’ to ensure they arrive in time.  Shop shelves would stay stocked, but there may be less choice, he said. The UK’s biggest commercial port Felixstowe told the BBC that it currently has 50,000 containers which are waiting to be collected, due to a shortage of HGV lorry drivers.

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