Advocate Challenges Police Over Officer Convictions

A Freedom of Information request from advocate Ian Kermode has revealed that five police officers were charged with offences in 2020.

However the Constabulary has told Gef this figure doesn’t represent a true reflection of the figures. 

Mr Kermode submitted his FoI request asking how many officers had been charged with criminal offences during each of the last five years. He also asked how many officers had been cautioned, how many had resigned after being charged but before going to court, how many were convicted of offences in the same five year period, how many were subject to internal disciplinary proceedings and how many were suspended in each year.

Advocate Ian Kermode

In their response, the Constabulary said that five officers were charged and convicted of offences in 2020. While one was cautioned, one resigned before conviction and one was suspended. The Constabulary did not give numbers for internal disciplinary proceedings, but did refer to the Chief Constable’s annual report. In both 2019/20 and 2020/21, Gary Robert’s report said that six complaints were made against officers.

Mr Kermode said: ‘You will note that last year five serving Manx Police officers were convicted of criminal offences and also that the number of convictions has been rising over the last five years.

‘Given a head count of 231 Police officers as at March 31 2021, such a percentage of convicted officers can be compared with other similar jurisdictions. In light of the on-going investigations and reviews in the UK regarding Police misconduct issues following the murder and rape of Sarah Everard by serving Met Police officer Wayne Couzens, such Manx statistics are plainly pertinent and of general public interest. We can advise that correspondence with the IOM Constabulary is on-going specifically in respect of sexual misconduct allegations made against serving officers.’

Police Response

Gef contacted the Constabulary for a response to Mr Kermode’s FoI and comments. A senior officer told us that the figure of five convictions for 2020 is a poor reflection of the offences for which officers face.

He said that of the five, one was an officer who was convicted of drink driving and a member of staff who is not a serving officer who was also convicted of an offence. The other three were officers issued with fixed penalty notices (EFPNs) for motoring offences. 

The officer also refuted any suggestion that a serving officer is facing allegations of sexual misconduct.

He said: ‘In relation to the comment from Mr Kermode “We can advise that correspondence with the IOM Constabulary is on-going specifically in respect of sexual misconduct allegations made against serving officers”. There is nothing ongoing in relation to sexual misconduct matters and Police officers and we do not know why Mr Kermode has put that information to you. We will as always continue to ensure Police officers and staff are held to the highest possible standard.’

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