Attorney General John Quinn has given his backing to making all registered charities accounts and other public documents available online.

Mr Quinn was asked by Speaker Juan Watterson what plans he has to allow charity accounts to be viewed online in a Tynwald written question.

Currently if a person wants to access charity accounts, they do so by emailing the Charities Administration team at in the AG’s Chambers and a searchable index of charities registered in the Isle of Man is available here.

Attorney General John Quinn

The AG said: ‘In relation to plans to allow charity accounts to be viewed online, I have previously confirmed that I agree that accounts and other public documents relating to charities should be available online. However, my involvement in charities registration is relatively recent, with the commencement of the Charities Registration and Regulation Act 2019 (“the Act”), which provides that the HM Attorney General is the registrar and regulator of charities registered in the Isle of Man. The Act came into operation for all purposes on 1st April 2020.

‘Despite a tumultuous year which followed with the challenges of the pandemic, I am pleased to say that following the transfer of the registration function to me, the register is operating successfully. The new regime includes the holding of the charities register, coupled with the regulatory function. As such, I now need to fully assess what the business as usual needs might be due following the introduction of a substantial change in the registration and regulatory regime, which in itself needs careful consideration now that the Act is in force, and this is to say nothing of the changing business needs following the pandemic. I therefore plan to take steps to fully assess the solutions which may be required in order to facilitate online access not only to accounts, but other publicly available documentation for charities now that the new regime is fully operational.’

Mr Quinn added that he is making enquiries as to the resources needed for the service and make a bid to Treasury when this is completed.

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