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Police Team Up With OFT

The Office of Fair Trading and the Constabulary have teamed up to test the standards of retailers dealing with age-restricted goods.

Sgt Alan Shimmin said: ‘The safeguarding of children is paramount; one of the aims for the Alcohol Licencing Unit is to protect children from coming to harm as a result of alcohol abuse. We are working to achieve this aim by reducing the risk of children unlawfully coming into possession of alcohol, consuming alcohol in public places and reducing the risks to children from irresponsible consumption in private places. An opportunity has arisen to work with our partners from the Office of Fair Trading who regulate the sale of other age-restricted goods, such tobacco and fireworks. This exercise will come into force over the coming weeks and months to see if our carefully selected younger volunteers are challenged about their age when appearing to attempt to purchase age-restricted goods. The intention is purely for educational purposes, to contribute to better outcomes for local communities, citizens and businesses.’

Filling up Fish

Following on from last years pollution event at the Summerhill Glen in Douglas, Fisheries Officers have restocked the glen with male and female Brown Trout from lower stretches of the stream. This will hopefully allow the fish to repopulate the region where a detergent based pollutant killed most of the fish and invertebrates within the upper stream. Thankfully, invertebrates have returned to the area which are a food source for the new arrivals. Pollutants like detergents, oils and other chemicals like pesticides and concrete washings are deadly to aquatic life.

Learn Manx

Ready for a cooish? Talks, walks, fairs, classes, ceilis, children take-overs and more… It doesn’t matter whether you’re a speaker, a learner or just a supporter of Manx – there will be something for you coming up at the Cooish Manx language festival at the start of November. All of this, and more, have been put together by Culture Vannin.

Events include a pop-up lunchtime beginner classes for adults in Henry Bloom Noble Library, Douglas on Thursday November 4, a walk & (Manx) chat starting in Glen Wyllin on November 5 and a talk (in English) about the life and experiences of Manx fishermen around Irish coasts in the 19th century on November 7. For more info, click here.

One Isn’t Old

The Queen has turned down a nomination from Oldie Magazine to be its ‘Oldie of the Year’. The slightly satirical magazine offered Her Majesty the title but she politely declined saying ‘you are only as old as you feel’ and as such she didn’t feel like she would qualify. The Queen said the magazine should find someone ‘a more worthy recipient’.

Poland v EU

Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki has accused the EU of blackmail in a heated debate with European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen over the rule of law. The clash in the European Parliament follows a top Polish court ruling that rejected key parts of EU law. Mrs von der Leyen said she would act to prevent Poland undermining EU values. In response, Mr Morawiecki rejected ‘the language of threats’ and accused the EU of overstepping its powers.

Manchester Bombing

The elder brother of the Manchester Arena suicide bomber has left the UK ahead of an appearance at a public inquiry he had been ordered to attend. Ismail Abedi, 28, has always refused to answer questions from the inquiry in case he incriminates himself. Its chairman, Sir John Saunders, had rejected Ismail Abedi’s position and demanded he appear as a witness. Abedi left the UK some weeks ago on a flight to the Middle East, the BBC has reported.

Nottingham Needle Attacks

A man has been arrested as police investigate three reports of women being injected with needles in the last two weeks. One 19-year-old woman said she was targeted as she left Stealth nightclub in Nottingham on 12 October. Ellie Simpson said her sister, who does not want to be named, felt a ‘pinch on the back of her arm’ before blacking out and being taken to hospital.

At least one other venue is also involved in the investigation. Nottinghamshire Police said a local male had been arrested as part of its wider investigation into spiking and released on bail. Detectives are looking at toxicological reports and CCTV footage, it added.

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