Suki Beauty

Suki Beauty was founded by Jenna Heidstrom and her partner, Ross Angwin. They started up the salon during lockdown last year after leaving sunny Dubai behind and coming back to the much milder isle. It was a bold move but one that has since proven incredibly successful. The name Suki is in loving memory of Ross’ mother and Jenna’s mother in law, Susan Key. The salon strives to be as Jenna says, “as elegant as Susan”.

A Vegan Salon Pioneer

Suki is the very first vegan hair and beauty salon on the island. All of the ingredients and packaging of the products are sustainable, eco-friendly and cruelty-free. One brand among many is Inika Organic. Their mission statement is “Small Earth, Big Impact”. This really rang true to Jenna and she swears by these sustainable products. Suki Beauty is the first to stock a lot of these products on the island. Jenna is extremely proud but would also love for other businesses to use the same eco-friendly products.

Su-ki? Su-stainable

Jenna took her time and researched how to make her salon as sustainable as possible. From upcycling old furniture to LED lights, using paper washable foil and reusable cotton pads, to eco-shower heads which limit water usage. Even the Suki business cards are printed on seeded paper that can be planted. The list is endless.  Jenna’s thoughtfulness is truly inspiring and also infectious. Her ideas really make you think about what you can do to better our beautiful island.  

The Future

Jenna is a passionate and forward-thinking individual who would love to create her own sort of Green Salon Collective on the island. Manx salons could unite and pledge to reduce their carbon footprint. The Green Salon Collective in the UK uses cut hair to clean up oil spills and any discarded PPE to be used to generate clean energy. Jenna believes this is the future and although going the sustainable route can be more expensive she can’t wait for vegan beauty salons to just be the norm.

Knowledge is Power

Jenna appreciates that not everyone can do everything at once. ‘There are things I am constantly thinking of improving on,’ she says. But she believes it is about making that conscious effort and also researching. Jenna believes more education is key and especially in schools. This is particularly important as Jenna explained, “they’ll be the next generation of business owners”.

Jenna’s Eco-Friendly Life

Jenna also makes a conscious effort to be eco-friendly in her home life. She encourages everyone to visit the Eco Vibe online site and look at their fantastic products. For instance, she’s left Persil behind and now uses dissolvable washing strips.

She also runs a community clean up with the salon girls when she can and is keen to start a community clothes swap. When she isn’t running the salon, she is conducting her monthly book club. So far, she revealed her favourite book was ‘When the Crawdads Sing’.

Suki Beauty has also recently opened Suki Studio, which is an open and safe space for mindfulness and other classes to be held. As she believes, ‘there’s no point looking good if you don’t feel good. It’s not just about outward beauty, you should have a balance of both’. The first mindfulness class will be held on the 22nd of Oct, spaces are still available.

Jenna’s Tips

  • Upcycle: “Upcycle anything you have.”
  • Reduce fast fashion: Never throw out clothes. You should either organise a clothes swap or give to charity.
  • Alternatives: Research and look at the alternatives online that can reduce your carbon footprint. E.g., Eco Vibe.

Keep your eyes peeled for any Suki studio classes and the opening of Suki Clinic in 2022 which will use natural ways for laser hair removal.

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