Former Middle MHK Bill Shimmins has been nominated for the Legislative Council having only stepped down as an MHK in the summer.

Mr Shimmins, who chose not to contest this year’s General Election, has been nominated by Garff MHK Daphne Caine.

In her nomination, which is supported by ministers Kate Lord-Brennan and Jane Poole-Wilson, Mrs Caine says of Mr Shimmins: ‘He is an experienced professional with high personal standards and integrity. Bill wishes to continue to make a significant contribution to our community and serve as a member of the Legislative Council.’

Mrs Caine adds that Mr Shimmins has the ‘necessary blend of experience and personal qualities to bring expertise, professionalism and rigour to the Legislative Council at this time’.

In his personal statement, Mr Shimmins says: ‘My decision not to stand for election for the Keys in September was a very difficult one. As many of you are aware, I needed to spend time with my family, some of whom are struggling with serious health problems. We, like many Islanders, found it hard to support loved ones from a distance during the pandemic and lockdown period. However, I am confident that if elected to the Council, I will be able to fully discharge MLC duties in tandem with family responsibilities. Our Island faces significant challenges and I believe it is crucial that the vacancies created by the departure of two very diligent and effective MLCs are filled by persons with relevant skills and experience.’

He later adds: ‘I hope to utilise my skills and prior experience, both in the private and public sectors, to carry out the role of MLC effectively. I value my reputation as a person with integrity, professionalism and attention to detail. I bring a strategic mindset to complex issues and seek pragmatic, workable solutions. However, I also value the perspectives of others and understand that diversity of thought will help us achieve better outcomes for the people of this Island whose prosperity and wellbeing are, fundamentally, the reason we serve.’

You can read the full nomination below.

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