The nights are drawing in, the cold is creeping up on us and the shops are starting to fill up with Christmas stock, all of which means it’s almost bonfire night!

A night loved by some and feared by many pet owners, bonfire night is being celebrated around the island with big public displays in all of the four quarters. 

So to help you plan your firework fix, or to help plan when to keep your animals safe and indoors, Gef has created a one stop shop for all public displays. We know some people will set off their own fireworks on and around November 5, but we simply didn’t have the time to knock on every door in the island.


The first big display of the year is in Peel, which is actually in October. The event is being held a week early on October 29 to allow for use of the breakwater for the fireworks display.

Sunset City’s local authority has arranged for a bonfire on Peel Beach from 7pm, with the fireworks going off from 7.30pm. While being down in Peel is great, you’ll get spectacular views from the headlands from Peel Head. 


A firm favourite in the valley sees Garff Commissioners and Laxey Fire Station staging their display from 7pm on November 4. The display is on in the Laxey Valley Gardens, with refreshments available. Proceeds from the event will go to the Fire Fighters Charity. People are invited to bring a torch, but not their own fireworks. 


Up in Ramsey, the Commissioners have arranged a display to go off from 7.30pm on November 5 in Mooragh Park.

Port Erin

Port Erin Fireworks Display also returns on November 5 at 7.30pm with a bang – or not. This year’s display will be what is understood to be a first for the Isle of Man – ‘low noise’ fireworks. Having listened to feedback regarding previous displays, Port Erin Commissioners has opted for ‘low noise’ fireworks to address concerns that the loud bangs that accompany firework displays can cause severe anxiety in children, adults, pets and other animals.

A number of local businesses will be open as well as food stalls by the beach, so come down a little earlier, or even stay later, to have a shop or grab something to eat & drink Finnish candles will be lit on the beach from 6.30pm. There will be no public access to the beach.


The capital’s display has been cancelled because of the prom works.

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