Ramsey Town Commissioners have supported a motion that will see the local authority broadcast its public meetings live online.

The motion came from commissioner Juan McGuinness and will see the live streaming begin with the board’s AGM next year.

Mr McGuinness’ motion said the move to live broadcasts, on the Commissioners’ social media accounts and website, will ‘facilitate greater engagement and transparency with the people of Ramsey’.

He posted on his Facebook page: ‘I’m very pleased that my motion to commit RTC to streaming public meetings was unanimously agreed on Wednesday night and I look forward to this being in place next year.I hope that this will increase the transparency and engagement between the commissioners and the rate payers.’

Read more about Ramsey Commissioners here. The board meets in public on the third Wednesday of every month. The meetings start at 7pm and are held in the boardroom on the first floor of the Town Hall, Parliament Square, Ramsey.

Let’s Make Them All Do It

As much as we like politics to be as de-centralised and power put into the hands of local authorities, it would take a particularly determined person to defend the current state of the commissioners and system. There is little or no accountability in some areas and as proven when we recently attempted to speak to every chair with some very basic questions, they don’t want to be seen to be doing anything. But while some local authorities prefer to lurk in the shadows of church halls and disinterest from central gov, Ramsey’s move to broadcast their board meetings is a welcome change and one I think all boards should be made to follow.

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