Having previously said he won’t be putting a date on the prom’s completion schedule, DoI Minister Tim Crookall will tomorrow be asked to tell MHKs when the prom will be completed.

Mr Crookall previously told Manx Radio the scheme will be finished “as soon as possible” and to the standard which is expected.

However Douglas South MHK Claire Christian clearly didn’t like that response so will use this week’s short Keys sitting to ask Mr Crookall: ‘When the Douglas Promenade works will be finished and to what standard; and if he will make a statement?’

Elsewhere on the order paper, Covid dominates the day as Rushen MHK Dr Michelle Haywood asks Chief Alf: ‘Whether he will review the protocol for COVID-19 PCR testing to evaluate the cost, resource implications and public health relevance of the current strategy; and whether in his opinion a positive lateral flow device (LFD) test is sufficient confirmation of an infection?’

This will be followed by the Keys’ most prolific quiz master Jason Moorhouse asking Mr Cannan: ‘What, if any, additional mitigation is planned in relation to the impact of COVID- 19 as we move into winter; and if he will make a statement?’

The two southern MHKs aren’t done there as Dr Haywood turns her attention to Cabinet Office Minister Kate Lord-Brennan (aka KLB) and asks: ‘Whether the 14-day COVID-19 case notification rate will be included in the dashboard?’

Mr Moorhouse will also put new Education Minister Julie Edge into the hot seat as he asks: ‘What challenges are being faced in island schools in dealing with COVID-19 at present; what new advice and updates will be given to parents and students ahead of the new half term; and if she will make a statement?’

This week’s Keys sitting will also see Ayre and Michael MHK Tim Johnston make his first appearance on the question sheet as he asks Mr Crookall: ‘What the result was of the mid-rent pilot commenced in 2018?’ For those of you who have forgotten, I certainly had, the scheme saw homes rented on a short-term let initially for 12 months at a rent that will be approximately 20% below market rate. The purpose of this was to allow tenants to save some extra money each month towards a deposit in order to help them to move on to purchase their own home.

Mrs Christian is back, back again, as she asks KLB: ‘What the result was of the trial which allowed constituents to vote at any of the three polling stations in Douglas South; whether there are any plans to widen this to an all-island approach; and if she will make a statement?’

The Douglas South MHK will bowl the final over of the day (I know it’s not cricket season but there is an Ashes winter coming up) as she asks Mr Crookall: ‘What plans there are for zebra crossings at School Vallajeelt and at the Lheannag entrance to Ballaughton Park?’

Keys gets underway at 10am on Tuesday morning, Gef will have updates online and on social media throughout the day. Or download our app and get your news delivered straight to your phone.

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