If you work in central Douglas, lunch will probably look something like a meal deal or a supermarket wrap. And while there may be a time and place for a sarnie at your desk, some (most? every?) days you simply need something warm, filling and full of spice. 

Street Kitchen, on Prospect Hill, is perfectly located for a gorgeous workday lunch. Inspired by Indian street food, the dishes are bursting with vibrant flavours. 

To really experience the variety of the menu, head to the Asli Khuraaq- otherwise known as the small plates- menu. This is essentially an Indian tapas. Dishes include chicken sambar with idli croutons and bao buns (soft, warm white steamed buns with a variety of fillings). These are a personal favourite of mine: they’re like biting into little stuffed clouds. 

Another favourite of mine are the vada pavs. These are described as “Bombay’s version of a chip butty”- yet infinitely better. The spiced mash potato fritter is served in a Ross Bakery challah bun with red spicy Masala, mint and tamarind chutney and fried chilli. This carb-on-carb dish is well worth breaking a keto diet for. Tell me where else you can find something as comforting for £2.50? You can’t. The Pada Vav is a great step into Indian cuisine if you’re the sort of person who gets overwhelmed at an Indian restaurant and ends up asking “uh… do you do chips?”

The Vada Pav is on the Nashta (all day breakfast) menu. It is just one of the familiar dishes that have an Asian-fusion twist. The bacon naan is a step-up from the basic bacon sarnie, while the masala scrambled egg adds a little spice to a classic. Other dishes on the menu may be less familiar, like the Idli Sambar (a savoury rice cake with spiced lentils) and Kothimbir Wadi (coriander and gram flour sticks, served with mint yoghurt). These can all be washed down with a classic tea or coffee, or if you want something a little different, a Masala Chai is a milky tea flavoured with ginger and cardamom. 

Street Kitchen is also a fantastic place for vegetarians. The dedicated Mumbai Chowpatty has dishes that will delight veggies and non-veggies alike. The avocado and samosa chaat is a signature dish that is a mixture of contrasts: a warm, golden-friend veggie samosa covered with cool yogurt, tangy flavours brought out by the sweet. The veggie menu feels wholesome and filling.

Street Kitchen is open between 11:30-14:30 Monday-Friday.

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