Brown Nominated for LegCo

Craig Brown, who until recently worked in the island’s finance sector, has been nominated for the Legislative Council.

Mr Brown’s nomination is the fifth so far, with two short term seats up for grabs at a Keys sitting next month. He has been nominated by Treasury Minister David Ashford, seconded by DHSC Minister Lawrie Hooper and assented to by DfE Minister Dr Alex Allinson and Tim Johnston MHK.

In his nomination letter, Mr Ashford said: Craig brings with him a wide variety of private sector and lifetime experience and I believe would be an absolute asset to the role of a Legislative Council member.’

In his supporting statement, Mr Brown said: ‘It became very clear to me soon after making my home on the island that I had found somewhere that shared my values. I found the residents to be extremely welcoming, and I have subsequently developed a great respect for the unique qualities of the Manx people. In the workplace I have found them to be diligent, dedicated and highly collegiate, qualities which have made them stand out from colleagues in other jurisdictions, whilst in the community I am constantly both proud and humbled when I see the way in which the Manx community stands together and supports each other. I can think of no other place that I would rather call home.

‘I firmly believe that we are all stewards, whether of the community, the environment, our families or our workplace, and as such it is our responsibility to strive to do the very best we can to leave anything that we touch in a better condition than that in which we found it. As a business leader I have fostered a collegiate environment in which people feel safe to share openly and contribute fully; however, I have not allowed this to prevent the making of difficult decisions when the need arises, even when such decisions are unpopular. I believe that the success of a business is not built on a select few so-called stars, but instead relies on valuing and encouraging the contribution of every team member, a philosophy which I would continue to champion within government and as part of any committee or oversight role as an MLC.’

Mr Brown joins Bill Shimmins, Paul Craine, Corelli Bentham and Diane Kelsey is being nominated for the two seats vacated by Jane Poole-Wilson and Kate Lord-Brennan on their election to the House of Keys.

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