It WON’T be Over by Christmas

Infrastructure Minister Tim Crookall has said the prom scheme will likely go on into the new year, but refused to give a fixed date as to when it will be.

Mr Crookall was asked by Douglas South MHK Claire Christian to say when the work will be finished which has now rumbled on for over three years.

The Glenfaba & Peel MHK, who is now the third minister to rule over the prom scheme, told members that the scheme is ‘about 95% complete’.

Mr Crookall said: ‘Contractually, completion of the works will be when the construction of all the works stated in the contract are done, Auldyn’s equipment is removed from the site and the final clean of the site has taken place as defined in the contract scope.’

He added that where standards are not met, Auldyn will be required either to fix any defects or a proportionate amount of the funding will be withheld by the DoI.

Pushed further for more detail by Mrs Christian, Mr Crookall said it was ‘really, really awkward and difficult to put a completion date on it’ because of a further issue with the tram tracks near the bottom of Broadway.

Mr Crookall added: ‘I would absolutely love to put a completion date on this so everybody would know and say Happy Christmas, it’s finished, but it’s not possible to do that at this time. I would love to be able to say in a week’s time it’s going to be completed, but it’s not possible. I will do my very best and I might break my promise one day and say tomorrow it’s going to be completed because they’re going to brush it and it’ll be finished but at the moment, I can’t.

‘It’s not fair to the people that live there, that work there, who have suffered for the last three years now to keep putting a date down and keep moving it and moving it. We had a date recently of November 3, already I’ve seen in the last couple of weeks since I’ve been in the department, we’ve now moved. They’re saying probably the end of December, to me, we will be in to next year for sure.’

The Minister said he was sorry for not giving a date but added ‘I don’t think it’s fair to the public’.

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