Fashion for Life

The ‘Fashion for Life’ show took place at the Villa Marina on Friday night, with around 900 people attending. The show, which raises money for Isle of Man Breast Care and Breast Cancer Now, saw breast cancer survivors modelling in the 80s-themed show, alongside live music acts.

As part of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we profiled some of the models of the show. You can read them on our website.

Manx Care Costs

An FoI from Gef has revealed that Manx Care has spent just under £4,500 on travel and accommodation expenses for board members attending meetings on the island since it launched on April 1. Some of the healthcare provider’s board members, including Chairman Andrew Foster, are not based on the island and travel in for meetings and other such occasions. Our FoI revealed that between April 1 and October 7, Manx Care had spent £2,438 on travel costs and £2,061 on accommodation, totalling £4,499.

Cosy Nook

It is the story that refuses to go away and now Port Erin Commissioners have said they will lodge appeal against the gov’s decision to refuse to deregister the Cosy Nook.

A statement from the board said: ‘After lengthy discussions and a meeting held with the Registered Buildings Officer, the Board has taken to the decision to best protect the interests of the rate payers of Port Erin. Whilst the Board resolution was not unanimous, it was agreed that the appeal will grant additional time to work with the Registered Buildings Officer over the period of the appeal towards an agreeable, workable, and cost effective proposal. Should an agreeable proposal be reached, the Board would consider withdrawing its appeal. Should the Board not have lodged an appeal, it would not have been possible to apply to deregister the Cosy Nook for a further five years, which has the potential to affect progress with the project.’

Meanwhile the board has also confirmed it will not resubmitting its application for its proposed replacement for the historic building, pictured below.


Bonfire builders are urged not to burn hazardous materials which can cause toxic smoke and pose a serious health risk to people and animals. Although household bonfires are not illegal, it is an offence to burn domestic or commercial waste which should be disposed of safely at a local amenity site.

With bonfire night fast approaching, people are advised to use dry untreated wood and avoid materials such as plastics, rubber, tyres or anything containing foam or paint.  Under the Public Health Act 1990 bonfire smoke which affects the comfort of neighbours can also be considered a statutory nuisance.

Kevin Groom, the Island’s Chief Fire Officer said: ‘Fire is unpredictable and a small fire can spread quickly under the right conditions endangering both life and property. We strongly advise against having your own bonfire, but to consider attending an organised event where you can relax and enjoy the evening.’

Film Set Shooting

The assistant director of Rust, Dave Halls, had been sacked from a previous production over gun safety violations. Actor Alec Baldwin accidentally shot dead Halyna Hutchins on the set of the Western last week. The producers of Freedom’s Path confirmed to press agency AFP on Monday that Halls had been dismissed in 2019.

Rivers of Sh*t

The government says it will force water companies to make a ‘progressive reduction’ in the sewage it dumps in rivers, amid pressure from the Lords.  Peers proposed a change to the Environment Bill last week in an attempt to cut the pollution, but it did not win enough support from MPs. It led to a backlash on social media, and Lords promising to try again.  But Environment Secretary George Eustice has now promised to bolster measures by making them a legal duty.

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