Hop-Tu-Naa Costumes For 2021

With just a few days until Hop-Tu-Naa, we’ve compiled a list of somewhat culturally relevant costumes that are bound to turn heads. 

Bernie Sanders

Can you believe it was only this year that Bernie Sanders sat in the cold at Biden’s inauguration, wearing those mittens? This is an immensely practical look: bring a foldable chair, so you always have a place to sit; a mask, so you’re covid-safe, and a pair of mittens, so you can survive without popping the heating on.


Our island’s pride and joy. A former shagger King, this year the escape artist has been put on a sex ban. Bring big Kush energy to the party by looking like a sad ginger who can’t get shagged.

Matt Hancock

Another former shagger King, this was really Matt Hancock’s year. Can you imagine anything more terrifying than Matt putting his wet, fish-like lips on yours as he feels you up? I think not.


Controversial? Possibly. Make it a group costume and go as different flavours of the vaccine: Moderna, Astrazeneca and Pfizer.

Elm Tree and axe murderer

Clutching at straws here? Yes. But reminding people that our trees are a vital part of our biosphere is an important job. Use your Hop-Tu-Naa platform to share the message.


Are you confusing? Do people struggle to navigate around you? Have I got a costume for you! Introducing the roundel, hot for 2021. 

Berries and Cream

If you don’t get it, you’re too old to be playing dress up.

Kim Kardashian Met Gala

Can’t be bothered putting on makeup? A perfect, anonymous look. 

Bee Gees with cones

An ode to the prom. Requires two (willing friends), so not great for the loners among us.

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