November is Here!

Yes it is indeed November 1, don’t forget there are plenty of public firework displays on this week. Douglas has cancelled its firework display with both the DoI and the Council pointing the finger at the other.

Ramsey Commissioners

Jonathan Kinrade and Robyn Spencer have both declared their intention to stand in the by-election to fill the vacant seats on Ramsey Town Commissioners.

Mr Kinrade, who unsuccessfully stood in this year’s General Election, said: ‘I am committed to becoming a contributing member of the community and believe I have significant experience that can benefit the town. As a result I am hoping to stand for one of the three places on RTC for North ward. As in September not having any guaranteed votes in the town from friends or family puts me on the back foot but I love a challenge, and would be delighted to meet anyone who is thinking of voting and would like to speak to me before what we now know will be polling day.

‘I know I can make a difference but to do that I need to convince those of you who can vote on the 25th November to vote for me. I won’t be using friends or family to propose, second or sign my nomination papers so if anyone reading this is prepared to do that please contact me to arrange as I believe those signatures should be gained from people who believe in you rather than just people who know you.’

Ms Spencer said of her candidacy: ‘I have lived in North Ramsey for most of my life and have chosen it as a home to my two daughters. I am very proud to live here and have a great deal of love for our community. However, I am not blind to the problems that we face as a town and would like to use my understanding of current issues to work alongside the commissioners to improve Ramsey, both as a home and a place to visit. I will take this opportunity to be a voice for the people of Ramsey. To listen to all; conduct myself in an informed and responsible manner; ensuring transparency and accountability.’

Stepping Away

Meanwhile in Kirk Michael, parish commissioner Barry Murphy has sadly decided to resign from the board. He explained it is due to a ‘family illness and the fact that I will be off island regularly for the indefinite future’. Mr Murphy, who will be best known by many for his campaigning against the gas charges, added: ‘From my perspective I am in it ether 101% or not at all. It would be wrong for me to become a hanger on when some important local issues require full attention.’

Peel Coastguard

The team were called out to a vessel in Peel Harbour that had come adrift on Saturday morning. Due to the very fast flood water coming down the river the bow rope had snapped, when the boat swung out unfortunately it sank the dingy next to it. A statement said: ‘We secured a line to it and pulled it back into its berth. We then refloated the dingy and bailed it out. Both vessels were secured and we headed back to Station. We would like to remind boat-owners to check their vessels, especially the condition of their mooring lines in extreme weather.’

Train Crash

An investigation has been launched after two trains collided, injuring 17 people and leaving the driver trapped. Passengers described being thrown from their seats when the South Western Railway and Great Western service crashed in Salisbury on Sunday evening. Rail accident investigators are at the scene and the line remains closed.

Bull Running

A 55-year-old man has died after being gored at a bull-running event in the eastern Spanish town of Onda. The man was repeatedly attacked by the bull at the Fira de Onda festival, suffering a head wound and having an artery punctured in his left thigh. He died at a hospital in the nearby town of Villareal. Onda council said it had cancelled all bull-running events in the town’s festival, but other activities would go ahead. During the events, crowds of participants run in front of a group of bulls which are let loose in a section of the town. In some festivals, the bulls are then taken to participate in controversial bull-fighting tournaments.

Primarni Police

A man who dialled 999 to complain he was refused entry to a Primark store to buy some jogging bottoms has been criticised by police. West Yorkshire Police call handlers posted about the incident in a tweet, using the hashtag #not999. We have to agree with them on this one.

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