Third Wettest October on Record

After such a warm and dry September, it was payback in October with plenty of rain but temperatures were above average.

Total rainfall over the month amounted to 186.6mm at Ronaldsway, which is almost double the October average, and making it the third wettest on record, behind 2002 and 2014. The last week was particularly wet, the worst day being October 29 with 39.1mm in the gauge.

Temperatures were over a degree above the 1991-2020 average; the 24 hour mean being 12.8°C, which is the sixth warmest on record and warmest since 2006. The best day was October 8 with 17.0°C achieved at Ronaldsway.

Sunshine totalled 108.6 hours, which despite all the rain is actually close to average. The sunniest day was October 1 with 9.5 hours.

Wind speeds were also close to average, with a mean across the month of 13.9 knots. The strongest gust was 43 knots (49mph) on the 24th.

There was fog on October 18 and 19, but no hail or thunder at the Met Office.

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