Celebrating Women’s Right to Vote

A collection of four coins has been launched to commemorate the 140th anniversary of women being granted the right to vote on the island. The development led to the island being recognised as the first nation in the world to give women the right to vote in a general election.

The Pioneering Women’s Suffrage Collection comprises four £2 coins depicting the historic signing of poll books in 1881 by the first women to vote at each of the polling stations in the first contested constituency of Ayre. Images provided by Manx National Heritage feature on the reverse of each coin and depict the names of Catherine Callow, Margaret Kelvin, Eliza Jane Goldsmith and Esther Kee being signed.

President of Tynwald Laurence Skelly MLC said: ‘It is a source of great pride for the Isle of Man and its people to have pioneered votes for women in 1881. This was a significant development and served as an example to many other nations that social change was happening.’

The four-coin sets, created by Isle of Man Government currency partners Tower Mint, will be available to buy from the Tynwald Library, Manx National Heritage and other local retailers from next week, and copies of each coin will be placed in general circulation.

Road Safety Partnership

The first annual road safety partnership report will be published before the end of the year, the DoI Minister has said. The report covers the period up to January 2021, meaning it is in effect nearly a year out of date. As well as reporting on collision and casualty statistics, the report also looks at enforcement data, providing commentary on activity over the last 12 months and outlines the priorities for 2021.

DoI Minister Tim Crookall, in his response to a question from Rob Mercer MLC, said: ‘The second Annual Road Safety Report, covering the period up to January 2022, will be published in March 2022.’

Country Roads Take Me Home….

Following a question from Speaker Juan Watterson, Mr Crookall has also said there are ‘currently no plans to pursue reciprocal recognition of driving licences between the island and the United States of America’.

He explained: ‘The USA is signatory to the 1949 Geneva Convention on Road Traffic but not all States follow the same licencing categories set out in the Convention. The issuing of driving licences is devolved to State level in the USA. States do not follow the same standards for testing. Some more rural States allow licences to be held from 14 years of age; others have a comparatively low level of test but impose time or location restrictions on new licence holders. The Department’s Officers are regularly in discussions with the UK Department for Transport regarding these matters. There are no imminent plans for the UK to introduce reciprocal recognition with the USA and any such approach by the Isle of Man to do so before any UK recognition could have implication on reciprocity of Isle of Man licences with the UK.’

Capaldi’s First Album

Former Doctor Who and The Thick of It actor Peter Capaldi has announced his debut album titled St Christopher. Cousin to the Scottish Beyonce Lewis Capaldi, the Scottish actor was himself in a band, ‘Dreamboys’, in his younger days with actor and US TV host Craig Ferguson. The album has been produced by Dr Robert of The Blow Monkeys who encouraged the actor get back into music.

Capaldi, who is also an Oscar winning director, said of his album: ‘Watching the musicians work, something drove me to scribble out a song, just for the chance of having them play it, and when they did I knew immediately this was something I wanted to do again. So, I set about it.

‘Robert patiently endured these efforts, encouraging some, letting others slip quietly away, until eventually we felt we had enough ideas to go into the studio… And then it was March 2020 and everything stopped. We had demos, computers, Robert’s address book, and a very clear diary so, through the magic of modern technology, we sent the tracks back and forth until finally, with the help of some brilliant musicians, we found ourselves with something that very much appeared to be an album.’

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