The island President of the National Education Union Conor Keenan has been nominated for the vacant seats on LegCo.

Mr Keenan, who is a PE and Geography teacher at Ramsey Gramm School, has been nominated by former teacher Jason Moorhouse MHK. His nomination is seconded by Onchan MHK Rob Callister, as well as Manx Labour Party MHKs Joney Faragher and Sarah Maltby.

In his nominee letter, Mr Moorhouse said: ‘Conor is a serving teacher and has previously worked in financial services on the island. I believe Conor has the character, integrity and skill set required to become a valuable asset to Tynwald. He represents a diverse option to the Legislative Council.’

Prior to working as a teacher, Mr Keenan worked in the island’s finance sector.

In his personal statement, Mr Keenan said: ‘I offer myself as a candidate as I believe I can bring an added dimension to the role. With my background of working with young people, and specifically as a teacher, I have had the opportunity to engage with a wide range of members of our island community. From my interactions with young people and their families, I have an understanding of the broad range of issues that affect our community both positively and negatively. I believe being able to offer this perspective strengthens Council ability to scrutinise in a more informed and effective way.

‘My experience working in the education sector relies on a collaborative approach, sharing ideas and best practice, as well as the ability to have open and honest discussion. My existing profession also involves constantly forming positive and constructive relationships. I am a team player but equally can work confidently on tasks requiring opinion and debate. I believe these skills would allow me to contribute towards cohesive working dynamics across Keys, Council and Tynwald.’

You can see his and all the other nominee letters here. The two new MLCs will be selected by MHKs on November 23.

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