Nominations have closed for the two vacant seats on the Legislative Council, with seven candidates put forward.

Two of the seven candidates, nominated by MHKs, voted on by MHKs, but paid for by us the taxpayer, will be chosen to fill the seats vacated by Kate Lord-Brennan’s and Jane Poole-Wilson’s election to the Keys in September.

The seven nominees, in order of when they were nominated, are: Bill Shimmins, Paul Craine, Corelli Bentham, Diane Kelsey, Craig Brown, MaryBeth Coll and Conor Keenan.

With nominations now closed, the seven candidates will be invited to face the public on Monday November 15 from 7:30pm chaired by the one and only Paul Moulton at Loch Prom Church, Douglas. MHKs will then pick the new members on Tuesday November 23.

What Does an MLC Do?

LegCo is the upper branch of Tynwald and its eleven members are either selected by MHKs or sit ex officio (Bishop and Attorney General). While they can introduce Bills, they are in essence a scrutiny body which considers legislation created by the Keys and can make amendments to it which will then be considered by MHKs.

You can get more info on each candidate here.

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