Whatever You Grow Will Save a Bro

It’s November, which means it’s also Movember, the month where men, and indeed women, come together to support and raise money for charities focussing on men’s physical and mental health.

The idea, which originated in Australia, has grown into a charity ‘Movember’ which carries the slogan ‘Whatever you grow will save a bro’ encourages people to grow a moustache or do something original to raise money for mental and male cancer charities.

To support this, we’ve spoken to Sean Moffatt, from Mad Jack’s, Kirsty Russell who is supporting Movember by taking on her Browvember fundraiser and Simon Hampson from Governors Athletic.


Sean, who usually sports a rather fetching beard, said before he started looking into Movember he, like many of us, was unaware of the reasons behind the campaign. 

This includes that on average men die six years younger than women and that men also account for 75% of all suicides. The Movember website says that 60 men an hour take their own lives worldwide. 

Sean told Gef: ‘I was very unaware of these issues before I got involved with the Movember initiative, and to be honest, once I was fully updated I felt VERY humbled. I want to do my part in closing the gap and reducing suicide rates in men. Not only does this have a positive impact on men, it has an immense impact on their families (parents, partners, siblings and children).’ You can keep track of Sean’s progress as he re-grows his beard on Mad Jack’s Facebook page and donate to his Just Giving page here


Kirsty Russell has taken the Movember idea and added a brilliant twist in her efforts to support the campaign with Browvember. She explained it as: ‘Basically, it’s the same concept as Movember, but with eyebrow growing.’

Kirsty, who works for Utmost Wealth, said: ‘So on 1st November, I shave off my eyebrows and regrow them through the month. On its own, I imagine this would be a pretty dull process so to make things more interesting, for every day in the month, I fashion different eyebrow styles on a ‘request and donate’ basis, and post the results on facebook and Instagram using the hashtags #browvember and #browsforbros.

‘All the money I raise goes to the Movember Foundation. I fundraise via Justgiving and last time raised £600 so hoping to beat that target this year!’

Kirsty added: ‘I was motivated to do something for Movember because I love that as a charity, they manage to focus on multiple areas of men’s health, and encourage men to start talking openly about health issues. The mental health & suicide prevention focus in particular speaks to me because there are men in my life who have suffered with their mental health and until recent years, it’s just not been commonplace to open up and talk about these things, especially for men. As an island community, suicide in men is also an issue we need to tackle.’

You can support Kirsty’s fundraising here.

Governors Athletic 

The Colby based outfit, which for transparency I am a member of, has decided to take up Movember, marking what is the first time many of the team have had a shave in several years. 

Simon Hampson with club chairman Karl Hunter. Credit: DOF Photography

Simon Hampson told Gef why he wanted the club to get involved: ‘I am taking part in Movember 2021 and decided to get Governors Athletic Football Club involved as everyone knows someone that has been affected by either mental health issues or prostate or testicular cancer. I thought it was a great idea to get the lads involved as a team and help raise awareness of the issues men suffer. The club itself has lost team mates to cancer, so if we can do something as simple as grow a moustache and help raise money and save just one bro then it’s well worth doing.’

You can donate to Governors Athletic’s fundraiser here.

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