Manx Wildlife Trust is raising money to help pay towards the rehabilitation of seal pups found around the island.

MWT charity works to protect and educate about wildlife around the island.

The money would go towards supporting its band of volunteers who assist in aiding or watching on seal pups that have been reported by the public. If a seal is taken in for some R&R, it can cost the charity £40 a week just for fish.

A statement on MWT’s website said: ‘We do not normally get involved with the welfare of individual animals and it is not very often that we appeal to the public for funding like this. However, there is currently no provision for the rehabilitation of seal pups on Island and we have been compelled to take action. So we need your help! At this time of year, pups and juvenile Atlantic grey seals will haul up on beaches to rest, especially in stormy conditions. They don’t always choose the best places to rest, often very public beaches with lots of people and dogs, but when they are tired they just need to rest.

‘Should intervention be necessary, and this is the last resort, trained volunteers and MWT/ManxSPCA staff will remove the seal and take it to Ann, our volunteer, for treatment and rehabilitation before being released back into the wild.’

For more info on this appeal, or to donate to MWT, click here.

If you find a seal on the coastline, it is most likely that they are just resting. MWT advises you not to approach the animals but if you have concern for its welfare, then you can contact MWT on 568726, 450879 or 844432.


Caring for a seal pup is, as MWT has said, expensive. To give an ideal of this, the charity has listed some of the costs related to this:

Teats, tubes and bottles – £50-100 per year

Fish – £40 per seal, per week  (some pups can be in care for 6/7 weeks)

Heat lamp – £100 for two lamps, essential to keep weaker pups warm

Fish oil – £50 per year

Crate to safely transport seal pups- £50

Yard brush for cleaning out their pens – £20

Hosepipe with reel – £50

Stainless steel table – £150

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