12,145 Days Serving His Community

Port Erin Commissioners welcomed back former Commissioner, Phil Crellin to the Board Room for a reception and presentation in recognition of his service to the people of Port Erin.

Having decided to stand down at the recent Local Authority elections, Port Erin Commissioners bid farewell to its longest serving member. Joining the Board of Port Erin Commissioners on May 1 1988, Phil joined the Walter Cowell, Valerie Hards, James Moore, Brenda Daubrey, Robert Kay, Richard Rimmington, John Keggin & Cyril Roberts around the Boardroom table.

Presenting Mr Crellin with a Certificate of Achievement, Chairman Mr Godfrey Egee said: ‘Phil had been a Commissioner serving the people of Port Erin for 33 years and 3 months, or 399 months, or 12,145 days, which was a lot of free time to give up and shows great commitment to the village.

‘Phil’s diligence and scrutiny of the minutes, documents, accounts etc. making sure that all is correct will be sorely missed! His knowledge of standing orders and “point of order” is amazing! Phil also served on a number of joint Local Authority Boards over this time including the Marashen Crescent Housing Committee and the Southern Civic Amenity Site Board and a number of other significant achievements such as helping to build up our close working relationship with Malew Parish Commissioners. Phil will be greatly missed, with his wise words of guidance, but on behalf of the people of Port Erin wish him well with the additional time to spend enjoying his hobbies.’

Mr Crellin thanked Mr Egee, the various members over his time on the Board as well as the officers which collectively ensure the smooth running and upkeep of Port Erin. Former Commissioners, Steve George, Nick Watterson and Adrian Tinkler, Mr Crellin’s wife Julie, and family members were present to show their appreciation.

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