Speaker Goes to COP

Juan Watterson SHK has participated in the GLOBE COP26 Legislators Summit held on 5 and 6 November 2021 in Edinburgh, Scotland, as Vice Chairman of the Small Branches Network of the Commonwealth Parliament Association (CPA). The Summit is part of the broader COP26 agenda and has convened legislators from around the world to discuss climate change and parliamentary action.

The GLOBE Legislators Summit has provided an opportunity for learning and knowledge exchange on several fronts. The aim of the summit was for parliamentarians to both impart and gain experience on climate change in respect to their own jurisdictions and parliament.

Mr Watterson addressed the plenary, raising the issue of how small branches, especially developing island nations face special challenges when it comes to climate change, decarbonising energy and protecting biodiversity. He also spoke with the Speaker of the Maldives Hon. Mohamed Nasheed who famously when President held a cabinet meeting underwater to demonstrate the impact of climate change in the Maldives.

Speaking after the conference, Mr Watterson said: ‘Legislators have a duty to be informed and educated on key issues, to act as a conduit from constituents through to the international community, gathering information and ideas. At national level, we are responsible for passing legislation and ensuring it is kept updated. We also have a key role in ensuring Government’s commitments are delivered through transparent systems and effective scrutiny.’

Milk Goes Green-er

Isle of Man Creamery has eliminated single-use plastic bottles from its milk packaging with the introduction of new 1.75 and 2 litre plant-based cartons.

Managing Director, Findlay Macleod said: ‘Isle of Man Creamery is dedicated to reducing single-use plastic in our packaging. We had already made great steps in this area with the introduction of plant-based cartons but the positive reaction and buying decisions of our customers resulted in us being in a position to now remove plastic bottles altogether.  At the start of 2021 we commissioned a new carton filling machine that could produce larger 1.75 and 2 litre plant-based cartons to replace 2 and 4 pint polybottles. We are once again leading the way and are the first dairy in the British Isles to offer milk packed into these larger sized sustainable cartons.’

As well as replacing two and four pint plastic bottles that are sold in local stores, all catering plastic bottles will be replaced with a new two litre catering carton. The 1.75 litre cartons are available from today in both whole and semi-skimmed priced at £1.80.


An art historian has been banned from speaking at a Cambridge University debating society after offending students with a Hitler impersonation. Cambridge Union president Keir Bradwell announced a new blacklist after Andrew Graham-Dixon spoke at the event. Mr Graham-Dixon said he was trying to ‘underline the utterly evil nature of Hitler’ but apologised for offending.  Mr Bradwell, who joked about the speech directly afterwards, has since apologised to members. While presiding over the debate, he said he was ‘quite drunk’.

NHS Jabs

Frontline NHS staff in England will have to be fully vaccinated against Covid to protect patients – and the NHS, the health secretary has announced. A deadline is expected to be set for 1 April next year to give unvaccinated staff time to get both doses, Sajid Javid told the Commons. About 103,000 NHS workers in England remain unvaccinated, he said. Thursday is the deadline for care home workers in England to get vaccinated. The government’s decision follows a consultation which began in September and considered whether both the Covid and flu jabs should be compulsory for frontline NHS and care workers. Mr Javid said the flu vaccine would not be made mandatory.

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