Hospital Busy Due to People Needing Medical Attention

A Manx Care spokesman has told Gef that the Emergency Department at Noble’s Hospital is busy because of the number of people attending needing medical attention.

We asked Manx Care for more info following its announcement on Monday that people should only go to Hospital if it is ‘absolutely necessary’.

As well as saying the ED was ‘extremely busy’, Manx Care advised that people with minor issues such as ‘burns and scalds, suspected breaks and dislocations, sprains, rashes and skin complaints, infections including eye and ear complaints, falls and emergency contraception’ should go to Ramsey’s Minor Injuries Unit or contact their GP.

However, that announcement was met with bemusement by our readers, with people noting that they have gone to Noble’s due to an inability to get a GP appointment.

Tonight, a spokesman for Manx Care told Gef: ‘The pressure being experienced in the Emergency Department at Noble’s Hospital is due to a high volume of people (adults and children) attending who are very poorly and require urgent medical attention, alongside a number of patients with comorbidities (having more than one illness) who require admission to hospital for further tests and treatment. This is putting significant strain on the Department’s capacity. This is on top of the normal winter pressures which are ordinarily experienced by the health and care system at this time of year.’

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