While NHS front line health and social care workers in England will be required to be fully vaccinated against Covid next year, no decision has yet been made about on-island staff.

Gef Contacted DHSC and Manx Care after the announcement by the UK’s Health Secretary Sajid Javid told the Commons that he expects for all NHS England frontline staff to be fully vaccinated by April 1. However, unions have warned this will push people out of working for the already overstretched NHS.

A spokeswoman told Gef: ‘The Department of Health and Social Care and Manx Care are aware of recent developments in the UK regarding compulsory COVID vaccination for frontline NHS workers. The situation, and related developments overseas, continues to be monitored. At this time, no decision has been taken in the Isle of Man on making vaccinations mandatory for health and care workers. The matter will be discussed in detail by DHSC, Manx Care and the Council of Ministers before any decision is made.’

The UK

While Mr Javid is the UK’s Health Secretary, he can only make this a rule for NHS England as health services in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are run by those devolved governments.

On Tuesday, in a Commons statement, Mr Javid said compulsory vaccination would ‘protect patients in the NHS, protect colleagues in the NHS and, of course, protect the NHS itself’. He said the requirement would be enforced 12 weeks after parliamentary approval – likely to be from April.  No unvaccinated worker should be ‘scapegoated or shamed’, said Mr Javid, and should instead be supported to make ‘a positive choice’.

In Scotland, a gov spokesperson said: ‘There are currently no plans to introduce mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations for NHS and care staff in Scotland. Uptake rates are incredibly high amongst NHS and care staff in Scotland and we are deeply grateful for their efforts during the pandemic.’

Welsh Health Minister Eluned Morgan has said: ‘We know that in Wales 95% of our health care workers have taken the opportunity to have both the doses of the vaccine so we think that those levels are very high, we’re content with those levels. We are still in the business of trying to persuade those final 5%, but there will obviously be amongst them some people who have medical reasons why they can’t have those two doses.’

However, in Northern Ireland, the gov there has decided to hold a public consultation on compulsory vaccination with ministers and unions stating their preference for staff choosing to take the jab.

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  1. Would Gef please ask the government why they think it’s okay to discuss whether the rights of all healthcare workers should be lower than the rights of those who choose not to be vaccinated?

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