The Isle of Man Federation of Young Farmers are celebrating their 75th anniversary in style this month, with a Winter Welly Wonderland.

Hosted at the Villa Marina on Friday November 26, the evening features music from Harvey Mushman, DJ Michael Diehl and Radio 1’s Chris Stark.

As anyone who has been to a Young Farmers Concert will know, they do things their own way and the Winter Welly Wonderland, with a dress code of black tie and wellies, will be no different.

Secretary Bryony Kneale told Gef: ‘Winter welly wonderland was an idea that we come up with almost over a year ago. We knew we wanted to throw a big bash and Friday 26th November 2021 was the only date the Villa Marina had free for the Royal Hall! It just so happened that this was to fall in our 75th anniversary year so it was a good excuse to host an event that we hadn’t held before.

‘Those attending can expect a big night of good music, good company and lots of dancing! We have a few surprises to throw into the schedule so it’s definitely something to look forward to! We went for black tie and wellies as we wanted people to get glammed up but we wanted to put our stamp on it… we’re farmers at the end of the day! Plus, girls have no excuse to need to go home early with sore feet… me included!’

Moving Forward

The pandemic has, to the disappointment of not only the farmers, but the legions of fans who go every year, put paid to plans for the last two planned shows. Now, with the situation improving, Bryony explained they are really excited to be able to throw a big party to get the community back together under one roof.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the Young Farmers will be joined by some their counterparts from the UK. Bryony said: ‘We’re so excited that many Young Farmers from clubs in the UK have booked to come over. At the moment I think there’s between 80-100 attending from the likes of Eden Valley and North Wales! We’ve hosted Eden Valley for a club exchange previously so we’re excited to see them again, as well as everyone else making the trip over!’

The plans don’t end here either, the Young Farmers will be continuing their anniversary festivities over into 2022 with plans for more formal celebration which Bryony said will have ‘a slight difference’.


If you fancy a night out in your finest wellies, tickets are on sale for the big bash from the Villa Gaiety website. The night gets underway from 7.30pm and we think it’s fair to say it’s going to be a night quite like any other the Villa has seen in its illustrious history.

The Greatest Show, Returns…

Farmers are always looking ahead and GREAT NEWS for fans of their annual concerts, they are back at the Gaiety Theatre next year for three nights on March 24, 25 and 26. Much like the farmers themselves, we can’t wait!

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