Just 50% Voted in General Election

An FoI by advocate Ian Kermode has revealed that only 50.68% of voters turned out in this year’s General Election, down from the 2016 election.

When the island went to the polls on September 23, just 32,812 of the 64,744 people registered to vote, actually did so. The total number of votes cast were 58,914.

The 2021 figure is a 2% drop from 2016 when 53% of voters turned out. We have already reported that there was a drop in young voters at this election, with the lowest percentage of 16 and 17 year olds using their vote than at any point since 2006 when the franchise was extended.


The lowest turnout was, yet again, in Douglas East, where just 1,722 (32.23%) of voters turned out. This is actually an increase on 2016 when only 1,705 people (40%) voted, but fewer people were eligible to vote.

Across the island Ayre & Michael saw the highest turnout with 62.49%, this is down on 2016 when 65% of electors voted. However while the percentage was down, the number of voters actually increased from 3,192 to 3,204.

The turnout by constituency is as follows:

ConstituencyEligible VotersTurnout (excluding rejected ballots)Turnout %Votes CastAverage number of votes usedEligible Voters Age 16/1716/17 Year old turnout16/17 Year old turnout %
Arbory, Castletown & Malew5990337956.41%58211.72683044.12%
Ayre & Michael5127320462.49%60241.88903943.33%
Douglas Central5327228242.84%40391.77883539.77%
Douglas East4891177232.23%31001.75451328.89%
Douglas North4713198242.05%34941.76702738.57%
Douglas South4897229546.87%41321.8833643.37%
Glenfaba & Peel6380363957.04%67561.86973940.21%

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