When it comes to explaining complicated concepts, we are often subject to long, dense pieces of text – a form of content that is quickly slipping through the cracks in the face of today’s surge in online digital marketing. So, how do you get your ideas across in a manner that can break through the noise of the modern technical era? The answer, asserts Animation Explainers, lies in the form of quirky, absorbable animated explainer videos.

Animation Explainers: a company that does what it says on the tin. Based on-island, the team including Phil Grounds and Hannah Clayton pride themselves in their ability to transform elaborate concepts into quick-feed information through the art of animation.

In 2018, long-term friends Aaron Connolly and Dylan Healy saw the potential to put their passion for animation and concept visualisation into action. “Once we realised we had a product offering that was meeting the demands of the market,” Dylan told us, “we quit our call centre ‘graduate’ jobs and took Animation Explainers to the next level.”

Since its inception, the company has seen tremendous success: expanding internationally with new offices serving the UK, Ireland, North America, and APAC. They have produced over 750 animated explainer videos for companies including huge household names such as AIG, Mattel and DHL over the past three years.  

So, what are Dylan’s most memorable projects of 2021?

1. DHL

A household name and one that many of us will have been sure to have familiarised ourselves with throughout lockdown’s spike in online binge-buying. While our packages might be glamorous, the logistics industry itself – well, not so much. 

Here lies the true power of the animation explainer video: it can take the most tedious, industry-specific concepts and transform them into entertainment.

The video, one of six that Animation Explainers has produced for DHL, provides a quick and simple explanation of how to return a parcel quickly and effectively through the company’s services. Imagine the boredom that would ensue from reading these instructions in the form of lengthy, monotonous text? Thanks to Animation Explainers, you don’t have to!

The team undoubtedly has an eye for detail: which is why you’ll see the brand’s colour scheme reflected throughout the video. Clever, right?

Dylan also referred to Animation Explainers’ ability to duplicate a company’s user interface in animation, which as you can see, has been suavely incorporated into DHL’s video. 

2. T-Mobile/Deutsche Telekom

You will likely recognise T-Mobile’s distinctive, hot pink branding, but did you know that its parent company, Deutsche Telekom, is one of the largest telecommunication providers in Europe?

In this video, there is much information highlighting the technological features and benefits of their SD-WAN service. Animation Explainers have dipped their toes in various industries, but some require more explaining than others, including Telecommunications.

The video clearly and effectively highlights the key points, narrowing down what would have likely been an initial lengthy description of the SD-WAN service’s features. 

As with DHL, you’ll also notice that the company colours are prevalent throughout the video. This was purposeful, as Dylan highlights, “being such a recognised company, every visual aspect needed to relate to their brand look and feel. We did this by integrating the appropriate colour schemes, logos, characters, and music”.

3. AIG Insurance

Cancer is, naturally, a sensitive topic. Dylan used this example to display the vast scope of Animation Explainers and the team’s capacity to relate emotionally with each client’s intended audience. The AIG cancer care advert carefully and gently discussed the subject at hand, with an ultimately uplifting message about the benefits and importance of insurance. 

“Video can emotionally resonate with audiences in ways that other content mediums simply cannot achieve,” says Dylan. “This is especially important and impactful when it comes to those topics that are a little more sensitive, such as the video subject matter AIG wished to convey.”

As a result of the delicate care taken with the video production, the explainer video received significant engagement on LinkedIn, securing more than three-thousand views. Animation Explainers’ commitment to executing a beautiful end-product in terms of visual quality and empathy is undoubtedly a big reason for this. The team leveraged tools to facilitate collaboration with AIG and completed three rounds of edits, all within a four-week turnaround time. 

4. Roche Medical

Roche is a global pioneer in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics and is the world’s largest biotech company. This video once again demonstrates how Animation Explainers videos do thorough research for each industry they find themselves connecting with to condense large pieces of information into easily digestible content. 

Dylan stated that having a “flexible approach to cater to a variety of industries” is simply part of Animation Explainers’ day-to-day: “Our scriptwriter, Hannah, undertakes thorough research and works hard to correspond with the client alongside our project manager, Hugo, who takes the reins on making sure that every need of the client is met to the nth degree. The team makes sure that they always grasp the brief, no matter how complex. We have a developed world-class process that we take all our clients through to create standout content. There are hundreds of marketing/ animation companies out there that can’t offer the experience or the consultation that we offer at AE.”

5.  Glu group

Glu group is an award-winning end-to-end channel services provider. While service providers may find it easy to demonstrate their accolades, it can still be challenging to present themselves as approachable. The Animation Explainers video for the Glu Group highlights how the minimalist animation style can appeal to communicate your brand’s purpose and values to a broad audience. 

When it comes to community engagement with the explainer videos, Dylan discussed the importance of choosing a voiceover artist that can truly resonate with the audience: “We have 75 voiceover talents from around the world in our service offering, and this service is included in all of our packages. You can pick out the right VO artist that suits your brand, and we will professionally record this content.” Having such a vast choice speaks to AE’s initiative to appeal to an expansive range of clients.

The use of text highlights the key points. Animation Explainers integrate a vast range of animation techniques, such as kinetic typography, as is showcased in this video. Amalgamating various styles can inject maximum creativity into a video.

6. Manx Utilities

Manx Utilities is a local company we Manxies are all familiar with. On smart meter installation, this video takes the customer through a step-by-step process of what to expect. The animation is designed to alleviate any anxiety associated with the installation without overwhelming them with information. Reaching out to elderly audiences as Manx Utilities intends to, however, is a cumbersome task at the best of times. Animation Explainer videos, Dylan tells us, are natural ‘go-to’s for how-to’s’ – for any generation: “I think our videos do an amazing job of explaining difficult concepts and problems in a concise and unique way”.

7. Public Sector Pensions Authority (PSPA)

Pensions are important- and understanding your pension is even more critical. 

This video from the Public Sector Pensions Authority on the Isle of Man clearly explains the government pension scheme in a clear, understandable way. With a steam train and hills creating a visual metaphor, there is a solid Manx theme throughout the video. Animation Explainers are always innovative in their manner; addressing their client’s specific profile to create compelling stories is at the heart of what they do.

Some final words from Dylan really resonated with us since we believe that every company should feel the same: “Things may not always be plain sailing, but it’s having a team around you that gets you through. We continue to strive together even in the face of adversity.” 

If you’re looking for a unique way to highlight your brand’s core message and engage potential customers, you can get in contact with the talented team at Animation Explainers here.

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