Monday night saw a return of hustings, as the candidates for next week’s Legislative Council selection process faced the public at a meeting organised by the Positive Action group.

There are seven candidates to fill the seats vacated by Kate Lord-Brennan and Jane Poole-Wilson, in order of when they were nominated, they are: Bill Shimmins, Paul Craine, Corelli Bentham, Diane Kelsey, Craig Brown, MaryBeth Coll and Conor Keenan.


With the pre-match safety briefing done by host Paul Moulton, let’s meet the players.

A Dept Role?

Would the candidates take on a department or board role?

Full Time Job?

With politicians full time and part-time jobs being in the news in the UK recently, the candidates are asked, is LegCo a full time job?

Would You Reject CoMin Legislation?

Would the candidates be prepared to vote down gov legislation and send it back to the Keys?

Full English?

Legislative language is a lot of jargon, so should it be written in plain English?

Have You Been to Tynwald?

The candidates are asked if they have been to Tynwald in the last year and where they get their news from?

What Legislation?

A major part of the role is engaging with legislation, so what would the candidates most like to see improved?

Covid Inquiry?

A question from Gef’s Sam Turton here, with Tynwald due to decide whether there should be an inquiry into the handling of Covid, the candidates are asked if they would support one or not?

Civil Liberties?

Are our civil liberties under threat? And if so what needs to be done about it?

A Stepping Stone?

With two MLCs having now been elected to Keys, the candidates are asked if they have similar political aspirations?


Wrapping up time.

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