Routine GP appointments will not be available from 1pm to 6pm on Tuesday December 7 as GPs attend their latest education session.

This particular session has a dedicated focus on Adult Safeguarding.  GPs must keep abreast of issues and updates relating to safeguarding in areas such as domestic violence and sexual assault.

Anyone who needs to see a doctor urgently should telephone their surgery for an appointment with the on-call GP.  Practices will remain open during the afternoon for patients to collect test results, make future appointments and order repeat prescriptions as normal.

General Manager of Integrated Primary and Community Care, Annmarie Cubbon, said: ‘It is excellent that the Island’s GPs are taking this opportunity to refresh their knowledge of Adult Safeguarding, allowing them to respond even more effectively to their patients’ needs through careful listening and appropriate action.’


The Isle of Man Financial Services Authority has set out its blueprint to maintain the Island’s reputation as a well-regulated international finance centre. The Strategic Plan for 2021-24 highlights the goals and priorities that will lead initiatives to protect consumers, reduce financial crime and uphold confidence in the financial services sector.

Work will continue to be undertaken to enhance the Authority’s core regulatory, supervisory and enforcement activities, while an ambitious programme of innovation will ensure it remains well placed to support a dynamic industry.

Lillian Boyle, Chair of the Financial Services Authority Board, said: ‘It is important for any organisation to take a step back from its day-to-day operations and reflect on where it is headed. The Strategic Plan is a roadmap for the future and informs a wider audience of how we intend to deliver our long-term goals.’

The Plan is available to view here:

Sir David Amess

The Pope has praised Sir David Amess’ years of ‘devoted public service’ in a message read at a Westminster Cathedral service for the Conservative MP who was killed while serving his constituents.

As mourners gathered to remember him, the message from the Pope was read by Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti, the Apostolic Nuncio to Great Britain, to convey ‘his heartfelt condolences and the assurance of his spiritual closeness to the Amess family’.

‘His Holiness recalls with gratitude Sir David’s years of devoted public service guided by his strong Catholic faith and evidenced in his deep concern for the poor and the disadvantaged, his commitment to the defence of God’s gift of life, and his efforts to foster understanding and co-operation with the Holy See in its universal mission,’ the message continued. ‘Commending Sir David’s soul to the loving mercy of Jesus Christ our Saviour, the Holy Father prays that all who honour his memory will be confirmed in the resolve to reject the ways of violence, to combat evil with good, and to help build a society of ever greater justice, fraternity and solidarity.’

Shoppers Advised to Get Tests

A new section on the UK gov’s updated coronavirus advice page recommends that people who are spending time in “crowded and enclosed spaces” should take a lateral flow test. 

Official advise now reads: ‘You are at higher risk of catching or passing on COVID-19 in crowded and enclosed spaces, where there are more people who might be infectious and where there is limited fresh air. You may wish to take a rapid lateral flow test if it is expected that there will be a period of high risk that day. This includes spending time in crowded and enclosed spaces, or before visiting people who are at higher risk of severe illness if they get COVID-19.’

Around the UK

Meanwhile in Scotland, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said the country will not be expanding vaccine passports to pubs, cinemas and theatres. Ms Sturgeon said the Scottish government had taken into account the situation being ‘precarious’ but that cases were currently stable and slightly declining. She also said ministers had considered the inevitable impact on operation of businesses.

Across the sea in Northern Ireland, the gov has strengthened its message that people should work from home where possible.

In a statement, the Stormont government said: ‘Our collective aim is to reduce pressure on our hospitals, while allowing our society and the economy to remain open as fully and safely as possible. That means we all need to take action to prevent a worsening of the situation that would potentially require more severe measures.’

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