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It’s here! Yes today is the day that MHKs will pick two new members of Tynwald when they appoint new members for LegCo. The vacancies on the upper chamber came when Kate Lord-Brennan and Jane Poole-Wilson were elected to the Keys in September. The chosen two will be appointed until February 2023.

Road Repairs App Relaunched

Reporting a problem on the island’s roads is now easier to do following the re-launch of a dedicated app. The Report a Problem service allows members of the public to report infrastructure and highways related defects such as potholes, missing signage and faded road markings 24 hours a day, from any location on the island.

The gov has said: ‘Until recently it has only been available via a specific website address – – but is now also available as a downloadable app for use on mobile phones and tablets, via NotifyIM.’

However, for fans of recent history, an app for a very similar purpose was first launched in 2012. But in fairness, we do understand this app is much better than the older one.

DoI Minister Tim Crookall has said: ‘Report a Problem provides vital information on a range of matters and enables Highways Services staff to prioritise work and channel the use of resources accordingly throughout the year. I’m looking forward to the app enabling more people to report issues around the Island as it allows you to identify the location on a map and take a picture of the problem.’

Care Costs

Boris Johnson has narrowly succeeded in getting MPs to back his social care plans for England – despite warnings poor households may end up losing out. Plans to stop council support payments counting towards the new £86,000 cap on lifetime care costs were supported by 272 votes to 246. Labour and other opposition parties rejected the plan – with 19 Tory MPs rebelling against the government. The PM has insisted it is more generous than the current system.

Under the plan:

  • anyone with assets of less than £20,000 will not have to pay anything towards the cost of help with things like washing and dressing at home or a stay in a care home from October 2023
  • those with more than £100,000 in assets – the value of their home, savings or investments – pay everything up to a maximum of £86,000
  • people with assets of £100,000 or less can qualify for council help to pay but the new change means they will eventually have to pay up to £86,000 out of their own pocket too

Kevin Spacey

A mediator has ordered Kevin Spacey to pay nearly $31m (£23.2m) to the studio that made the hit Netflix show, House of Cards, for breach of contract following sexual harassment allegations against the US actor. The secret ruling was made last year, but became public on Monday after lawyers for the studio, MRC, filed a court petition to confirm the award. The actor has faced several sexual assault allegations since 2017. He has denied any wrongdoing.

Black Friday Warning

More than 90% of Black Friday deals were the same price or cheaper in the six months before the sales event last year, a Which? investigation has found. The consumer association told shoppers to make sure the discounts were ‘truly genuine’ ahead of this year’s sales. It said 184 out of 201 items from six retailers, which included Amazon and John Lewis, were priced the same or cheaper before Black Friday in 2020. Trading standards warned a deal ‘may not be what it’s all cracked up to be’.

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