Haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet?

Some would call that procrastination. Others would say that you have had excellent intuition that something big was on its way, like a massive Hoolie, that’ll shake up your Manx retail experience. 

Introducing Hoolie, brought to you by the people who brought you Gef (yes, us!).

Hoolie is a brand new brand with a brand new vision: to bring some fun and distinctly Manx items to the island.

Hoolie’s designs are created by our in-house team of designers, and some other incredible designers, including Jannoo and Isle of Social. The clothing items are printed on-island, with our very Manx straight-to-garment printer called Voirrey. 

Hoolie will also be introducing some fantastic items from a whole host of independent creators. Like a candle? Of course you do- and you’ll love the gorgeous scents developed by Inspired by Driftwood. Love minimalist Scandi-design? Hoolie is introducing UsMeUs to the island, a sleek Danish jewellery company. 

There is, truly, something for everyone: whether you’re trying to find something that says ‘I love you Mum’ or a little something for that awkward secret santa. While we’re, as you’d expect from Gef, full of irreverent designs (including the Gef collection), we’ve also got a lot of just really cool looking products. A Manx as the Hills sweater? Yes please.

To celebrate the launch of Hoolie, there will be a pop-up shop in Duke Street, a must-visit when you’re doing your late night shopping. Keep up to date with Hoolie on Instagram and Facebook, @hoolie.im

Anxious to get shopping? Visit hoolie.im to grab your Christmas presents (and maybe something for yourself) today! 

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