Beach Buddies

The weather looks pretty awful as we approach the weekend, but Beach Buddies founder Bill Dale says the groups are keen to get out and about again, so are hoping the storms will have abated by Sunday morning to enable them to together from 10.30am.

Bill said: ‘The venue this week is Douglas beach, which is something of a novelty as it’s been a very long time since we have been able to get access to the promenade walkway.The meeting point is opposite the Palace Hotel where all equipment will be provided and new volunteers made warmly welcome. The session ends promptly at 12 noon – please finish on time as Beach Buddies has another appointment in the north very soon afterwards.’

Peel Christmas Lights

Due to the poor weather forecast, Peel’s Christmas market has been postponed until December 4. It had been due to run this weekend by the Commissioners have agreed it is best to put it back a week. They have also had a word with Father Christmas and he’s confirmed he’s still coming.


Jersey’s States Assembly has voted by 36 to 10 to support a proposition on assisted dying, paving the way for the first British jurisdiction to permit this choice.

The States Assembly was asked to agree in principle that assisted dying should be allowed on the island in limited circumstances, after a citizens’ jury was tasked with examining the arguments for and against legalisation earlier this year. The jury strongly recommended that the law should be changed to allow this choice for citizens who are mentally competent and either terminally ill or unbearably suffering.

St Helier resident Paul Gazzard, whose husband Alain du Chemin died of glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer, in May, has welcomed today’s result. Alain had arranged an assisted death in Switzerland but his condition deteriorated before he could make the journey. Before his death, Alain contributed personal testimony to the citizens’ jury and wrote to States Members urging them to support a change in the law on assisted dying.

Paul said: ‘I am delighted that States Members have chosen today to stand with terminally ill people and their loved ones and reject the ban on assisted dying. I was touched that several speeches referred to Alain; he would have been honoured to have played a part in this historic moment.’

Black Friday

Shoppers are set to splurge on what could be the biggest Black Friday yet, experts say.  But they have been warned to expect less generous discounts and shortages of some products in this year’s sale. Analysts PWC predict £8.7bn will be spent – up from £7.8bn in 2019 and about twice as much as last year when the UK was in lockdown. Yet some big brands are shunning the sale, and questions have been raised about the quality of the deals offered.

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