LoveIOM Card Goes on Sale

The LoveIOM Gift Card, an initiative that rewards consumers for spending in local hospitality businesses, will be available to purchase from today and it now does include alcohol.

The initiative has been launched to encourage residents and businesses to give the gift of local this Christmas, and the card can be purchased online here:

The card can be used across a number of the island’s hospitality businesses and a full list of merchants can be found here:

Good News

When the scheme was first launched, we highlighted the fact that it did not include alcohol when it was first announced back in the summer. Since then a new administration has come in and this seems to have led to a change in minds as, following a DfE consultation with the licensed trade, you will now be able to buy alcohol, and not only when having a meal. It just has to be a licensed premises.

How Will It Work?

Essentially its a gift card, you buy it, you spend it. You can either get a physical card or a digital version, a bit like a boarding card, that sits in your phone’s wallet.

To celebrate it’s launch a limited number of cards will be available with an additional cashback reward.  A bonus credit of 25% will be automatically added to the card when purchased (capped at £10 cashback). For example, when purchasers buy a card for £40 as a gift for a friend, family member or employee this Christmas, an additional £10 will be added to the card, for free, bringing the total amount on the card to £50.

Further incentives are also planned for the future, including a mid-week dining cashback incentive in January 2022 called ‘Why Not Weekdays’ that will reward consumers with 25% cashback on their meal when they spend in merchant businesses. Half a million pounds has been set aside for this specific incentive from the Economic Recovery Group in support of the local economy.

Merchants are still welcome to register with the scheme, and can do so by emailing:

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