Manx four-piece, Man in the Woods, has inked a worldwide deal with Italian record label Argonauta Records for the release of their album Badlands.

Formed in 2016, Man in the Woods is made up of Marc Vincent (bass/vocals), James Oxtoby (guitar), David Murray (guitar) and Christian Hardman (drums).

With a crushing soundtrack that often blurs the lines between stoner rock, sludge, doom metal and grunge elements, Man in the Woods transport their listeners to dystopian dark new worlds.

Badlands sees the band fusing together their critically acclaimed, 2018- debut Badlands Part One with the band’s much anticipated successor Badlands Part Two, releasing it in its entirety.

Argonauta Records owner, Gero Lucisano: ‘Massive riffage, and a volcanic sound, you can’t really stay insensible to Man In The Woods songs. I can definitely say it took me only a second to be overwhelmed by their hammering grooves and I am sure you will feel the same with their forthcoming full length. They are full of fire and attitude, and surely a great addition to our roster!’

Their upcoming record will see Man in the Woods deliver a progressive and colossal journey through a vibrant blend of heavy riffs and a crushing rhythm section while these harsh vocals guide you through the story of Badlands into hopelessness and a bleak, post apocalyptic world. The band, who was formed in 2016, manages to craft a unique mix of hard rocking fuzz and grunge, heavy stoner rock yet brutal sludge and doom metal to create such dark, dystopian and apocalyptic vibe. But give ear, as in support of their upcoming label collaboration, Man in the Woods just released a first song taken from Badlands!

Badlands will be released during 2022

Listen to Icarus Landing here:

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