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Manx Care sends reminder about Minor Ailments Scheme

Toothache, gout, UTIs. All unpleasant. All, thankfully, don’t necessarily require a visit to the GP or hospital.

Manx Care are making people of the Minor Ailments Scheme (MAS), which is operated at most of the island’s local Community Pharmacies. The scheme allows individuals with minor ailments that may usually require a prescription to treat, to access potentially quicker treatment. 

Manx Care’s Chief Pharmaceutical Advisor, Maria Bell, commented: “Many Manx residents are already aware of the existence of the Minor Ailments scheme and are using it successfully, meaning they’re getting fast access to treatment for a range of common conditions and reducing the likelihood that they’ll then need to go on and see their GP or another clinician, for example attend the Emergency Department at Noble’s.

“However, we know that there are a number of people who don’t know about MAS and how it can potentially help them – and we want to raise awareness with them. Community Pharmacists train for a minimum of five years in the use of medicines and are trained in managing minor illnesses too – so they’re a great resource to help people. They can offer clinical advice and provide medication for a range of minor ailments and common conditions, as well as provide advice on how best to keep you and your family healthy and well. They’ll also signpost people to their GP if they’re in need of more specialist support. I’d encourage people to find out more about the Minor Ailments Scheme and consider using their local Community Pharmacy as their first port of call for health and wellbeing-related advice.”

Barbados becomes a republic

Barbados has officially removed Queen Elizabeth II as the head of state, and have sworn in Dame Sandra Mason as their president. At the event marking the new republic, Rihanna was made a national hero.

Josephine Baker becomes a national hero in France

Speaking of national heroes, music hall dancer and civil rights activist Josephine Baker has entered France’s Panthéon mausoleum of revered historical figures, the first black woman to do so. The French-American, who died in 1975, has been celebrated as a resistance fighter, activist and anti-fascist. 

University Lecturers strike in the UK

Strike action is taking place at 58 universities across the UK, as lecturers strike over pay, working conditions and pensions. The University and College Union (UCU) have demanded a £2,500 pay increase for members, an end to “pay injustice” and zero-hours contracts and action to tackle “unmanageable workloads”. There are also disputes over the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS), the pension scheme used by academic staff.

Boris Johnson wants all adults to be offered booster by January

In a press briefing, Boris Johnson announced that he wanted all adults to be offered their booster jabs by January. He also said that he does not want cancellations of events like Christmas parties and nativities.

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