Liverpool terminal cost soars to £70 million

The cost of the Liverpool ferry terminal project is set to almost double to more than £70 million.

The shock news is revealed on the Tynwald register of business. At its December sitting, Tynwald will be asked to approve an additional £32 million on the controversial scheme.

A memo from the Infrastructure Department states: ‘Tynwald approval is sought for the Department of Infrastructure incurring expenditure not exceeding a total of £70,675,921 (an additional increase of £32,621,921) to complete construction of the Isle of Man Ferry Terminal in Liverpool.’

The spiralling cost of the ferry terminal has been a constant source of controversy.

Originally expected to cost £25 million, it had already spiralled to £38m. But this increase is likely to leave critics furious.

The gov says the new terminal building and facilities ‘will be able to accommodate up to a maximum of 1,000 passengers and 200 checked-in vehicles and winter weekend freight with emergency backup freight provision should Heysham Port become inaccessible’.

It will replace the current Princes Landing Stage and Birkenhead facilities.

The new terminal will be leased to the Steam Packet when completed.

A previous bid to increase spending on the scheme from £38m to more than £51m was put on hold by Tynwald in July, with members deciding it was a decision for the next administration after the election.

In April this year, Tynwald was told the ferry terminal would not be ready before March next year at the earliest – already a year behind schedule.

Gef has contacted the gov for further comment.

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