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2022 Parish Walk open for Entries

Fancy a challenge? The 2022 Manx Telecom Parish Walk is open for entries!

Next year’s Parish Walk, which will take place on Saturday 18th June, will be introducting of a number of environmental initiatives that organisers hope will lead to an increasingly sustainable and lower impact approach for the event. These include “Tree for T”, a donation of £5 towards a conservation charity on the Island for every entrant who declines the traditional Parish Walk sports shirt and reusable cups.

There will also the return of the Fanzone at Knockaloe Farm, Patrick- for those of us who can’t quite hack 85 miles.

Until 31st March, there will be an early bird special discount on entries, with an additional discount of £5 for Manx Telecom mobile users. 

Register online at:

Isle Listen reaches over 11,000 students in first year of initiative

Isle Listen have announced that their program to promote positive mental health and wellbeing in schools across the Island has already reached out to more than 11,000 students in the last academic year. The program has been delivered via school assemblies, PSHE lessons and workshops.

This the first year of the three year collaboration with the Z Zurich Foundation and Zurich International.

A night in Ikea

On Wednesday evening, about two dozen staff and six customers were trapped overnight in an Ikea showroom in Denmark, after a snowstorm saw approximately 30 centimeters of snow fall. The night sounds pretty fun, however, with customers being able to sleep in the beds on display, and watch TV. A dream for any meatball lover, we imagine.

Germany to ban unvaccinated people from bars and shops

Angela Merkel has announced that unvaccinated people will ban unvaccinated people from bars and shops, unless they can prove they have recently recovered from Covid. The mandate is expected to be imposed from February 2022. 

Meghan wins ruling

In a legal fight that has been going on since 2019, the Duchess of Sussex has won the latest stage of the battle with the publisher of the Mail on Sunday. For those who have forgotten, the case revolves around the publication of a letter that Meghan sent to her father.

While the Court of Appeal ruled against the Associated Newspaper attempt to have a trial, it might not be over yet: the Associated Newspaper have said that they may appeal at the Supreme Court.

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