Cathedral Backs City Bid

The Dean of Peel Cathedral has thrown his support behind the Town Commissioners’ bid to have it granted formal city status as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Already know as Sunset City, Peel is thought to be the first town in a Crown Dependency to seek the status.

Speaking on the application, the Very Reverend Nigel Godfrey, said: ‘Our town’s history stretches back to the Viking invaders and to the mission of St Patrick in sending his disciple German.  It is the home of Manx Celtic language scholars and Manx kipper smoke houses that have survived after the tourism boom of the twentieth century. We are delighted to have submitted our claim for formal City status, in partnership with Peel Commissioners.’


Home to the island’s only cathedral, Peel is the centre of the smallest diocese in the British Isles, though 150 years older than Cantebury, the former fishing village has played its own unique role in world history.

Home to the world’s smallest production car, the Peel P50, it also the largest internment camp during the First World War on its border at Knockaloe Farm.

It was here that internee Joseph Pilates invented his exercise system, and censor Archibald Knox, the designer who made Liberty of London into an international brand. Another famous internee was Carl Bernard Bartels, a German national who had been working London. His most famous design, the Liver Birds, still sit atop the Liver Buildings on the Liverpool waterfront and went on to insure the crest of Liverpool FC.

Already known to islanders and visitors as ‘Sunset City’, because of the stunning sunsets that frame the medieval castle, overlooking a picturesque bay. The Papal Bulls of 1253 and 1349 addressed the people of Peel as the ‘Sodor Cathedral City’.

In 2012, for the Diamond Jubilee, four towns were granted City status: Chelmsford, Perth, Armagh and St Asaph in Wales. The population of St Asaph is significantly smaller than Peel.

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