A special treat for politics fans this week as Tynwald and Keys hold back to back sittings.

Kicking off the day at 10am, there is a special sitting of Tynwald to allow the gov’s new Covid regs to remain in force.

The measures are the already announced face coverings on public transport, in certain locations and health care settings and testing on arrival, either LFDs or PCRs dependent on where you’ve been.

This additional sitting is needed as Tynwald has to pass the regs within 14 days of them coming into force in order for them to remain in operation.


Once that is dealt with, which really shouldn’t take long, there will be a 15 minute interlude as MHKs move back downstairs for their weekly Keys sitting.

There is a massive 17 questions on offer on Tuesday as some are carried over from previous weeks. This will provide a test for the block vote as we wait to see if CoMin will grant the extra time to allow for all the Qs to be asked.

First up is the quiz master himself as Jason Moorhouse wants an update on what steps the DoI is taking to ensure a return of regular flights from Ronaldsway to the Republic of Ireland. Staying with the air theme, he will also ask what independent checks there are to ensure that those embarking and disembarking at Ronaldsway do so in a safe and dignified manner?

Next up is John Wannenburgh asking when the DoI will be reviewing and consulting on the bus timetables for summer 2022.

Daphne Caine will also be putting the Chief Minister under the spotlight as she asked what support it planned to mitigate the impact of holiday hunger during the school Christmas holidays? It is an often criticised position that children who receive free school meals don’t get support during the holidays too and one which successive governments have effectively just ignored. So with Alf Cannan still fresh in his role, it will be interesting to see where this leads and how it sets the tone for his gov.

Among the other questions, Chris Thomas will ask Mr Cannan about means testing, Mr Moorhouse will ask Mr Crookall about the Balthane Roundabout, Ann Corlett will asked if consideration has been given to the South Quay being turned into a 20mph road and Education Minister Julie Edge faces questions on masks in schools and what the DESC considers to be a balanced diet.

Elsewhere there are questions on TT Zero, the Love IOM card, alternative premises for PCR testing, when the Sexual Assault Referral Centre will open, when CoMin will publish its draft legislative programme and, what a fair inclusive and sustainable society is and what the uptake for voluntary landlord registration has been.

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