Businesses Reminded of Registration Requirements 

Businesses that provide, or advertise as offering, certain services without first being registered with the Financial Services Authority could face a penalty of up to £5,000. The Authority is seeking to raise awareness of the issue after dealing with a number of contraventions of the Designated Businesses (Registration and Oversight) Act 2015.

Ashley Whyte, Senior Manager in the Authority’s AML/CFT Division, said: ‘We are keen to work with people to ensure they have a thorough understanding of their responsibilities. Firms or individuals involved in certain business activities are at risk of abuse from money laundering or the financing of terrorism, and those business activities are listed as “designated”. Registration, and the requirement to have robust controls in place, helps businesses to protect themselves, their employees and, more widely, their families and community from the dangers associated with dealing with criminals.’

Boris Apologises

Boris Johnson has apologised for a video showing Downing Street staff joking about a lockdown Christmas party in No 10, amid mounting public fury. The PM said he shared people’s anger and had ordered an inquiry into whether rules had been broken. But Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said he was taking people for fools and the PM should just admit what had happened.

Scottish Tories

Boris Johnson must resign if he misled Parliament about a Christmas party at Downing Street, the Scottish Conservative leader says. Douglas Ross says there had clearly been a party of some sort, which would have been against Covid rules. Ross says he had been ‘angry, annoyed and really disappointed’ at the video that emerged on Tuesday night.

Fallout Continues

Meanwhile UK Government spokeswoman Allegra Stratton has resigned after she was seen in video with Downing Street staff joking about lockdown Christmas party at No 10.

Meet the New Boss

Olaf Scholz has been been sworn in as Germany’s new chancellor, formally taking power after Angela Merkel’s historic 16 years as leader. He promised he would do all he could to work towards a new start for Germany. As she left the chancellery in Berlin, ending a 31-year political career, Mrs Merkel told her former vice-chancellor to approach the task ‘with joy’. His centre-left Social Democrats will govern alongside the Greens and the business-friendly Free Democrats.

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