Beach Buddies are heading south this weekend for what is its last event before its Christmas break.

Founder Bill Dale said the Buddies will be cleaning up around Port St Mary for this weekend’s volunteer event, meeting on the road above Chapel Bay at 10.30am on Sunday, December 12.

As ever, the Beach Buddies big red truck will be there to distribute equipment and remove the rubbish collected afterwards, recycling as much of the materials as possible, including plastics, glass, metals and cans.

Bill has also praised to volunteers who do a lot of what he called the ‘behind the scenes’ work.

He said: ‘The volunteer session takes only 90 minutes, but there is a huge amount of extra time behind the scenes before and after each beach cleaning event, and Beach Buddies would like to say a huge thank you for their incredible and much-needed support.

‘Lindsay Valerga and Rob Gawne give a massive amount of time each week to remove all the rubbish and they recycle many thousands of items every year, as well as empty our 48 bins placed at access points to beaches all over the island. It’s time-consuming, not the most pleasant job in the world, and sometimes they have to deal with some really awful smelly and unpleasant materials. But they always do this with a smile, knowing that it helps our wildlife, marine life and our worldwide reputation as a UNESCO biosphere. Lindsay and Rob are supported by their partners Chris and Wendy, and we fully appreciate what they also do on a regular basis for Beach Buddies and our beautiful island.’

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