Only Half of Students Wearing Face Coverings

Education Minister Julie Edge has said that despite face coverings being expected in the island’s schools, the number actually doing so is only as high as 50%.

Ms Edge, who was dialling in from home, was answering questions on coverings in schools during this week’s House of Keys sitting.

In response to a question from Jason Moorhouse MHK, Ms Edge said: ‘The majority of schools are stating that up to 100% of staff are wearing face coverings, but the number of students is varying between 20% and 50%.

‘With regards to hidden disabilities, the dept would be content to support the disability sunflower scheme that Isle of Man Transport currently support and would encourage any students and staff to wear the lanyard.’

Mr Moorhouse asked Ms Edge if her dept had provided any support to implement the wearing of coverings in schools, if they were freely available in schools and how they were being used in science lessons.

The Minister said that coverings were available in the island’s schools and UCM and had put ‘numerous posters’ to encourage students to wear coverings. Ms Edge added that she ‘expected’ science labs will be following their usual measures in regard to health and safety, as well as a proper clean down following lessons.

You can see the full exchange below:

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