Thackery the Tapir

The Wildlife Park is mourning the loss of one of its long-term residents Thackery the Tapir. The Park said Thackery, who was 32, died ‘peacefully and naturally’.

In a post, it said: ‘He was a lovely gentle Tapir and will be missed. He was one of the oldest Tapirs in the studbook, born in 1989 in Dudley zoo he came to the Park here in 2002. He had two calves with his previous partner ‘Clanger’ before she passed away in 2013 and in 2014 ‘Louka’ our current female arrived from a French zoo.Louka gave birth shortly after arriving, due to timing it was obvious Thackery was not the father however he always accepted ‘Zeus’ as his son! He did go on to father a calf with Louka called ‘Rio’ in 2016, he moved to another zoo in france in 2018.’

Tapirs rarely live to the age of 30, but the Park said Thackery will ‘always remember him fondly as a particularly gentle Tapir’.

Tractors on Tour

This weekend sees the return of a real festive favourite, the Young Farmers’ Tractor Run. 

On Friday, they will be gathering at Port Erin Breakwater from 5pm, aiming to set off at 6:25pm to head to the TT Grandstand via Port Erin, Colby, Ballabeg, Castletown, Ballasalla, Foxdale, St John’s, Crosby, Union Mills ending at Glencrutchery Road at 9:15pm.

On Saturday, the farmers will be gathering on Peel Promenade from 4pm, aiming to set off at 5:40pm to head to the TT Grandstand once again, passing through Kirk Michael, Ballaugh, Sulby, Ramsey where they’ll stop for a break, Dhoon, Laxey, Onchan and finally finishing at Glencrutchery Road at 9pm.

This year’s run is raising funds for the Hyperbaric Chamber and donations can be made here.

No Go

US President Joe Biden has said that putting American troops on the ground in Ukraine in the event of a Russian invasion is ‘not on the table’. But Mr Biden warned of severe consequences if Russia did invade. He was speaking a day after two hours of talks by video link with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The virtual summit was aimed at reducing tensions in the region after a major Russian troop build-up along Ukraine’s eastern border.

Taliban Bans School

Teenage schoolgirls in Afghanistan have told the BBC of their growing desperation as they continue to be excluded from school more than three months after the Taliban takeover.

‘Not being able to study feels like a death penalty,’ says 15-year-old Meena. She says that she and her friends feel lost and confused since the closure of their school in north-eastern Badakhshan province.

‘We have nothing to do apart from housework… we are just frozen in one place,’ said Laila, 16, whose school in Takhar province shut the day the Taliban seized power in August.

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