No Urgency For Conservation Status

The gov has no immediate plans to progress with designating Douglas Head as a Conservation Area.

Minister for the Cabinet Office Kate Lord-Brennan was asked for an update by Speaker Juan Watterson.

Mrs Lord-Brennan said the Cabinet Office ‘recognises the need to reappraise all existing conservation areas as well as progress those areas identified as ‘draft’ conservation areas in existing planning documents’.

She added: ‘A strategic approach looking at the issue as a whole is being pursued and this will ensure consistency in terms of format, quality and level of detail across all conservation area appraisals and conservation area designations.’


A public consultation into designating Douglas Head as a Conservation Area was held earlier year, a large percentage of those who did respond said that it indeed should.

You can read that full report here.

No Urgency

Mrs Lord-Brennan said that Cabinet Office had also taken into account the existing legislation in place when making its decision.

She added: ‘Cabinet Office has weighed up the arguments for and against pursuing an order to designate Douglas Head at this time and has decided and that there is no urgency to set it ahead of any other conservation area work across the island.’

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