Secret Santa. Pop your hand in a hat and hope for the best. Sometimes, you strike gold- and get your office bestie. Other times, you find yourself trying to get something for someone who you’ve never said more than ten words to. If you’re struggling, we’ve rounded up some of the best locally-sourced gifts from across some of the Island’s finest independent businesses that will make anyone happy- at a range of prices.

£10 and Under


A crowd pleaser, obviously- and many of us have been in the situation where we’ve just picked up a box of chocolates from the garage out of lack of inspiration. This year, step up your chocolate game by buying Manx chocolates. Chocolates of Man create some stunning handmade chocolates, including some appropriately festive delights. There’s also the Manx legends, Davison’s, who make some delicious chocolates, including some three legs chocolates- which evoke some great memories of Manx Airlines, for those old enough to remember. Choccy Piccy also make personalised festive chocolate creations – including a Snowman Pinata!  

Chocolates of Man

Bath Bombs 

Who doesn’t enjoy a long soak in the bath? A bath bomb is the perfect gift for someone who is perpetually stressed. On island, we have Little Tree Soaps, owned by Tracey Walker, who makes some beautiful smelling scents. Dropping a Frankincense and Myrrh bath bomb over the Christmas holidays? That’s my idea of luxury- for just a tenner.

£15 pounds and under


On island, we have some incredible artisans who make some great jewellery. There’s Funki by Jacqui, who does some quirky 60s inspired designs, as well as Pigs Loves to Paint, who has a fantastic eye for colour and Scotty & the Queen. A pair of earrings are bound to be loved by the most fashionable people you know. 

A good book

Know a reader? A good book is always appreciated, especially when you’ve put some thought into it. Our booksellers on island, like Bridge Bookshop, Lexicon Bookshop and The Book Company, are a treasure trove of hidden book gems –  perfect for finding a good read for that awkward Secret Santa. 

A bottle of wine

Right. This one is definitely lazy, but it is bound to be appreciated. We have a number of fantastic locally-owned wine shops, like the The Wine Cellar, Vino and Wine Down, all of which sell a range of  incredible wines from across the world- and all with knowledgeable staff that can point out the best wines for that Secret Santa recipient. There’s also, of course, Foraging Vintners, who produce non-grape based wines, if you want your wine extra-Manx. 


Winter nights are made for cosy evenings, with some beautiful smelling candles. Inspired by Driftwood has some beautiful smelling candles and wax melts, as does Lovely Greens who have a range of  Christmas-themed scents. 

Inspired By Driftwood candles

£20 and under 


Receiving flowers is one of the loveliest things, and, unless you’re very lucky, it probably doesn’t happen often. Flowers from our local florists will bring a bit of colour into someone’s home this Christmas. 

Beauty voucher

Buying for someone glamorous? A beauty voucher is a much appreciated gift- whether it goes towards a manicure or a complete makeover (New Year, new me?). Many of our local salons, such as Salon 3 and Suki Beauty, offer vouchers. Covertly find out your recipient’s favourite salon, and give them a treat.

Any value

LoveIOM Gift Card

The LoveIOM Gift Card is a great way to support local businesses: and put the choice of present in the recipient’s hand. There are some fantastic hospitality venues signed up, so whether you want to get them a pint or full meal it’s got you covered.

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