Suicide Prevention Strategy Due in New Year

After being delayed, due to Covid, the island’s Suicide Prevention Strategy should be published in the New Year.

Minister for the Cabinet Office Kate Lord-Brennan provided the update in response to a written question from Arbory, Castletown and Malew MHK Tim Glover.

Mr Glover had asked when the findings of the Public Health-led investigation into mental health provision will be released?

In her response, Mrs Lord-Brennan said: ‘There is no Public Health-led investigation into mental health provision either in progress or planned.’

However, she did thank Mr Glover for his interest in wider mental health initiatives and, in particular, the Suicide Prevention group.

The Minister added: ‘The Suicide Prevention Strategy Group has been convened by Public Health, and is working on a Suicide Prevention Strategy. This work has been delayed due to the COVID response. However, a strategy should be ready for publication in the New Year.

‘The Suspected Suicide Rapid Response Group has already commenced work ahead of the strategy in order to monitor emerging themes, possible links between cases of suicide and to improve support for those affected by suicide.’

The island has, tragically, seen an increase in suicides in recent years, particularly amongst young to middle aged men. In 2019, the Coroner recorded six deaths as suicide. However, in 2020, this rose sharply to 22.

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