Ballakermeen puts contingency plans in place

Due to high levels of absence, Ballakermeen High School have set up a contingency plan, in the event that staff attendance rates deteriorate further. The plan will ask students in years 10-13 to remain at home on the last two days of the term.

In a statement posted on the school’s website, Head Teacher Adrienne Burnett stated that there has been pressure on the smooth running of the school due to the high levels of absence, with today (Friday 10th December) seeing 20 staff absent, including half of the canteen serving staff. This is alongside three of the regular supply teachers being unavailable.

The contingency plan will see students in Years 10-13 to remain home on the last two days of term. If the contingency plan is put in place, parents and carers will receive confirmation via an ‘In Touch’ text message and through social media.

Exceptions will be made for any students in Year 11-13 who have missed assessments on because of illness; they will be required to complete their work in the Sixth Form, during their normal lesson time. Full school uniform will be required.

Those with assessments on Thursday and Friday will be required to attend their lessons, departing after they have completed their assessments, or studying in the library if they need to wait for buses at 3.20pm.

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