Douglas Borough Council has submitted an application for the island’s capital to be awarded city status.

The capital follows Peel in applying for the status, which is being opened up to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022.

Council leader Claire Wells said: ‘The civic honours competition presents an opportunity to celebrate the compelling mix of history, heritage and culture, diversity, civic pride, record of innovation and strength of community that distinguishes the capital of the Isle of Man, Douglas, a town like no other, the island’s legislative centre and seat of the Manx parliament, Tynwald.

‘In submitting the application, we have been encouraged by the level of support received from Douglas MHKs who clearly share the council’s view that Douglas is indeed worthy of city status. 

‘With the Borough of Douglas celebrating its 125th anniversary this year, to achieve city status for Douglas would be an historic moment in the town’s long and rich history. It is an honour with the potential to attract new enterprise and investment, alert off-island professionals to the wealth of career opportunities here and promote Douglas and the Isle of Man to a global audience.  Crucially, city status would be an honour for Douglas and the Isle of Man that will endure for all time.’

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