A total of 163 people found employment through the Manx Restart Scheme, the Treasury Minister has said.

David Ashford was asked for an update on the scheme by Speaker Juan Watterson.

Launched in November 2020, the scheme was aimed at providing assistance for island resident who had been unemployed for three months or more.

Eligible employers who recruited a new employee via the scheme were able to receive support for up to 70% of their new recruit’s salary and NI contributions, capped at the rate of the Living Wage, for up to 35 hours a week. 

Mr Ashford said: ‘Total expenditure on the Manx Restart Scheme by the end of the “wind down period” next year is estimated to be in the region of £1.3 million. The actual figure will largely depend on the period each individual, who has been matched with an employer through the Restart Scheme is employed by that employer.

‘The figure of £1.3 million assumes that those who are still working with the employer with whom they were matched, works with that employer for the maximum 52-week period for which the employer is eligible to claim restart payments in respect of them.’

The average salary of the individuals who have been matched with an employer through the Restart Scheme is £18,516.48 per annum.

The Minister added: ‘The estimated £1.3 million gross cost of operating the scheme is offset by benefits savings, as well as national insurance contributions and tax receipts. The majority of employees engaged through this Scheme will have been receiving jobseeker’s allowance (JSA). The average JSA award is worth £228 per week, or £11,856 per annum. If one were to assume that those individuals who were successfully matched with an employer through this scheme would otherwise have remained on JSA for 12 months, then it would have needed less than 110 matches for the scheme to have been cost neutral to Government.

‘In my opinion the Manx Restart Scheme has been an excellent initiative, which has helped both unemployed individuals and local employers and provided a significant boost to the island’s economy during what has been a challenging period.’

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